Format:C or Bear vs Man 2

Not sure which looks better, please help me decide, I would really appreciate your input!

Bvm2 is in my opinion one of the best full size throws on the market can’t go wrong with it.
Wasn’t a big fan of the f:c just felt pretty bland, still a fine throw. If you wan’t to pick up a OD yoyo I’d recommend waiting for the Valor, that thing is sweet.

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I own the format:C and I do not own the BvM2. I agree with Palli’s assessment, but on the other hand a friend was playing it recently and kept saying things like, “I don’t know, man… there’s just something ‘right’ about this yoyo for me… it clicks in a crazy way.” I know several other players who are big fans, too.

So, bland for us is apparently magical for someone else! All preferences as we hear on this forum millions of times a month. :wink:

For my money, after playing a BvM2 for a little while recently, I’d happily trade my format:C for a BvM2. Or a Chief. Your mileage may vary.

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Sorry if it came out as I was saying the Format: C was a bad yoyo which it isn’t.
It was designed as a long sleeping pure performance yoyo which it is and has that angular shape which keeps it stable and good for horizontals.
Those kind of yoyos aren’t really my cup of tea but a lot of people will love it, I just prefer more comfy shapes and a flowy feel.
I recommended the Valor since I felt it kept some of those competitive aspects but still has it’s unique light feel to it.