Summit or bvm2?

I am getting a new yoyo this weekend and i wanted to buy either a summit or bvm2 plz help😃

We could use more info about what you want out of your yoyo. Preferences? Specific feel in mind? Shape? The more info you give the better we can help.

I like yoyos that are fairly easy to catch, not too large but not too small, good for grinding and is good for horizontal. Hope that helps

Shouldn’t this go in help/recommendations? Also; purely based on personal preference I would take the Summit. Would always prefer an amazing colab from two amazing companies than an amazing single company.

I’ve played both and i would say go with the BvM2 if you want something really solid and stable and the Summit if you prefer lighter playing throws

Same, I really love the bvm2.

I really love both of them, it’s a matter of preference. BvM2 is very solid, I found it slow but most people don’t. The summit has the benefit of having side effects, I love the way it feels for tech, and it has a wonderul width to it. Side effects are incredibly fun, you can make it play completely differently just by changing them out. Spikes make it very solid, ultralights or domes make it floaty.

Personally I would go with a summit.


i love the bvm2 ;D

I would honestly pick at random.