bear vs man 2 vs summit

so im looking at getting a new yoyo and im crossed between a bear vs man 2 and awaiting the summit release i know the summit has had a small run released i dont know about the bear vs man 2 if so i would like some opinions i have a clyw gnarwhal and love that yoyo i like my yoyos a bit undersized and i like grinding arm and thumb id love to hear some opinions thanks guys!

Hmm , the BVM 2 releases tomorrow night, so you can get it sooner. Not sure, but the new BVM appears slightly oversized, while the Summit has the deal like the cascade or hot, where the gap is thickness at the middle(Near gap) is thinner so it probably feels slightly undersized. To me the new BVM looks terrible, but its all preference.

i can wait im not in a rush to get it but thanks for the input i dont mind the looks of cascade i think i may hold out for the summit it seems a bit more my style with the size

If you have a Dark Magic II: Summit is slightly wider and just a hair bigger in diameter.

ok yeah i have one thanks for putting that into perspective! much appreciated!

The Summit will be more expensive. The pre pro’s were discounted.

The Summit isn’t undersized at all! It’s more of a wide Ava with the cup-design of the Cascade.
I’m thinking that while there probably will be another run of the BvM2, it might not be another run of the Summit, considering how many were made during their last collab (WMM)

I can’t recall where I read it now, but I swear somebody from Caribou Lodge or One Drop said that the Summit would be an ongoing production (i.e., it wouldn’t be a limited run).

There will be Plenty of Summits. Not a one time deal.

I say you get the Man 2, but I do hear the Bear is a good yoyo too.


I swear I was going to say That then I opened up the topic. And I was sad

well i have never had a side effects yoyo either so thats kind of a plus on the summit for me too

I love my Summit. I have not switched the Ultralights out for any other SE yet but I heard that it gets too heavy with heavier SE. The BvM looks pretty boss.

is the summit very floaty? compared to a bvm? i have a spyy ronin as well and i dont like how heavy it feels on my string.

With ultralights it is super floaty. If your looking for speed and long spins tho i recomend bvm2