clywxonedrop summit or Clyw Bear vs Man 2

My birthday is coming up and i am deciding whether to get a bear vs man 2 or a clywxonedrop summit

Such an easy answer… the Bear vs Man 2. Although, if you’re just starting out, you probably won’t want a $80+ yoyo. What you really need to do is get a yoyofactory shutter, or something along those lines. They play up with the big boys, while having their price down by the plastics.

I’ll come in here before everyone starts automatically recommending the BVM2 without even playing both.

The Glide is an exceptional yoyo. I own one and it is great. It has a solid feel at the bottom of the string but doesn’t plays as solid while in movement. It isn’t “General Yo” smooth but it doesn’t have any vibe that affects play. Mine is pretty much smooth but not quite dead smooth. This doesn’t bother me at all and it really does play well. I would recommend it if you dig the shape and looks of it.

The BVM2 is a good yoyo. Its the perfect middle of everything; solid but has floatiness, spins great, super smooth and overall well playing. I thought it played fine but for the price CLYW charges it isn’t exactly anything special. For the price of this yoyo you can get 2 awesome metals or get 2 glides haha. If you don’t mind the price it’s a good yoyo but I don’t think its worth the crazy price tag.

Hopefully that helps :slight_smile:

Okay and now I wrote that for no reason haha!

The Summit isn’t that good of a yoyo IMO. Its to sluggish and heavy even with ultralight side effects. It plays fine and is smooth and stable. The weight isn’t good though and I think its a hit or miss for each person. Some love it and some hate it…I’m in the dislike portion. The price is more reasonable at $115 but I would still rather much have a Glide.

I would choose the BvM2 over the summit. It is more versatile and forgiving.

Summit is sluggish, you say? As far as speed and agility goes, can you compare it to a Dang? I have a Dang and it feels like a pig on the string. At only 63 grams, I’m kind of surprised… My Dropbear is 63.5 grams and it is very agile.

Actually, I have owned both and used both many times, and actually just traded the glide away. They’re both good yoyos, but in my mind the BvM2 comes out ontop although it’s not nearly as good as an avalanche or a lot of other clyws, OD’s, and others.

Dang is way faster and nimble than the Summit.

I liked the summit… Plus it has side effects.

Summit is really fast for me… Nice and floaty and stable. I recommend it over the bvm2

How Would the bear vs man 2 compair to clyw chief and artic circle and glaiser express.

Isn’t the glacier express way more rare and expensive?
And if you play fast,3D tech type play, then the arctic circle is for you. And now come the chief fanboys…

I have a fools gold glacier express and fools gold artic circle

Summit vs. BvM2:
Summit- side effect enabled, wide shape, smooth finish, good grinds, smooth, floaty, etc. really chill and relaxed. Super good yoyo. One of my current favorites.

Bvm2: fast, powerful, good spin times with a good throw, competitive, etc. it’s a competition level throw. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it for something other than competition though lol.

Glacier Express, Chief, Arctic Circle:
GE: I’ve heard it’s the best competition yoyo from CLYW, so you can work from that.

Chief: one of CLYW’s most successful and well loved yoyos. I haven’t met a person who straight up disliked the Chief. Very good all around yoyo.

AC: Zach Gormley’s signature yoyo. Made to fit his play style and preferences. 3d, techy fast play is what it’s made for.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: