CLYW Avalanche or BVM2?


Hey everyone,
I’m really debating on which of these two I should get in a few weeks. If you could, please tell me some reasons why you prefer one over the other. Thanks! -Ethan


My name is ethan also man!


I haven’t tried the bear vs man 2. But I actually didn’t really like the avalanche… It was a little bit smaller than I thought, and it was heavy kinda to me. It is still a good throw, just not really my favorite.


Do you have a summit?


If I was in your spot (which I wouldn’t be, I don’t like CLYW), I would go for the Avalanche. If CLYW chose the Avalanche as their half of the design for the SUMMIT, it has to be good. And I think the specs of the Avalanche are better.

Not to mention, I have played with a FG Avalanche. Now, I wasn’t very good, so I could hardly appreciate it. I can’t remember much about it, because I wasn’t at a point that I could understand the characteristics of a throw. The only thing I remember was liking the shape and grinding ability. So yeah.


If you don’t have a summit dont worry about BVM2 or AC just get the summit. I was holding out on it , for reasons i can’t even fathom now, but finally got it and my god it is amazing. GET IT!!


I have a BvM2. It’s good, but compared to the Summit (my other CLYW, I don’t like it as much).
The BvM2 is much more solid and… Competitive I guess. If you plan on competing, the BvM2 is a really good bet. It’s heavier than the Avalanche, so more stable for tech and 3d, solid at the end of the string, etc.

The Avalanche is floaty. Really floaty from what I’ve heard, with OG being even floatier. I find it’s shape irresistible looking, I like the gap and rims, but other than that, I’m not really drawn to it because I prefer yoyos to be on the heavier side whenever possible. Because of its light weight and float, it’s not exactly ideal for most players in competition. However, that does, by no means make it a bad yoyo ;). Earnest Khan I believe competed/competes with a Comeback Ava, so obviously if you’re into the weight and float and shape and all that, nothing really holds you back.

Again, it’s preference. Those are two very different yoyos, with different weights, shapes and made for somewhat different play styles. Light and floaty, Ava. Heavier and stable, BvM2.

Hope you get what you’re looking for! :slight_smile: