BvM2 vs Summit vs Puffin


I have come down to these three yoyos. Would someone please tell me how they play, pros and cons, your opinion, ect. Thanks!


I don’t know about the Puffin or the Summit, but I have a BvM2. It has a nice shape, stable, weight is good for spin times, just an all around good throw. It’s my first and so far only CLYW, though, so I have nothing to compare it to.

(UmeNagisa) #3

SE Enabled. Very stable, smooth and can adapt to your play style quite well. Very nimble, without being overly fast. Moves very well. And feels very fun

Super solid and stable. Nice and fast
Plays with a quick pace.
And fingerspins are very clean.
Competition monster

Fun fun FUN.
Nice and stable, floats/flows very nice. Best grinder out of the 3
And it’s just so so fun…

I’d say summit for the best of both world fun and competition ready. BVM2 for contests. Puffin for FUNNNNNNNN


Smooth, pretty stable, flowy, wide, great for competition

Smooth, VERY stable, quick-ish, very wide, fun, (since built on Ultralites, it can only get heavier)

FUN, a blast to play with, stable, smooth, fastest of the three, wild,