Play style of puffin 2vs Bvm2vs Bonfire

How do these guys play compared to each other?
Who’s faster, who’s more solid, stable, etc.

Which do you like/reccomend ?

Puffin2 is faster and more floaty, BvM2 is more solid and stable.

I like the Puffin2 mainly cause of the size, but the BvM2 is lots of fun to throw as well. Recommend both ! :slight_smile:

Can bvm2 go fast?

Sounds kinda like bvm2 is more comp oriented

I prefer orca

In my opinion the BVM2 is one of CLYW’s most competition-y throws. Solid, stable and long spinning however it can be pushed pretty fast when it needs to be. It’s sort of the polar opposite to the Bonfire, which is very nimble, light and floaty on the string. To me it feels like a wider, faster Sasquatch. :slight_smile:

If sheer stability and solid play is what you’re looking for, then the BVM2 will be more to your liking, whereas if you’re looking for more floaty, nimble play, then perhaps the Bonfire is the one for you.

Personally, I preferred the BVM2. It’s one of my favourite CLYW yoyos for sure, however I am a fan of heavier, more solid and stable throws, so it makes sense that the Bonfire wasn’t really my thing.

(I haven’t played a Puffin 2, so I can’t comment on it unfortunately.)

my bonfire was in denial and and believed that he was a yyj. so i gave it the yyj treatment to finally subdue its vibe.

This thread has me a little confused on play characteristics … I assumed that “solid” and “stable” would be more in the realm of a fun yoyo, and “fast” and “light/nimble” would be competition territory. (Not sure which way “floaty” would go.) But it seems maybe I have this backwards?

Fun is whatever fun is for you.

Competition is whatever competition is for you.

Generally, fun is sometimes more center weighted “floaty throw” which can either be super light or kinda heavy

Competition is generally heavily rim-weighted, resulting in more stability. Can be either light or heavy


Floaty is caused by centerweight so it can be either light or heavy. Rim weight is stable.

Heavy is slower and generally more casual for throwing. Light is fast and generally causes less control. Of course characteristics like the control can be fixed with more rim weight to increase stability.


Raigo, sparhawk - thanks for the clarifications.
I’ve only really spent much time playing 2 throws: Chico Bulldog 225, and YYE RainFly … which are quite different. I think I prefer the feel of the heavy rim weight, and the solid, stable, long spinning feel as a result. Neither are particularly light, but I guess the Bulldog could be described as more floaty - and less solid/stable … (not sure about the nimble/fast elements - I think that’s beyond my ability level at this point).

Anyway, sorry for the hijack - back to regularly scheduled programming!