Can anybody give a comparison of the Puffin 2 vs. Bonfire play wise?


I recently bought a Puffin 2. Now I did not like the original Puffin at all, and I didn’t think I would like the second version either. I mainly bought it to trade for a Bonfire, but before I could do that I was offered a Mint Canvas for it, so I had to jump on that. I was surprised by how much I did like the Puffin 2 though. I don’t think it plays at all like the original. It has a much longer spin time, and is more solid when being thrown around. Normally, solidness is not something I’m a fan of, but it was nice on the Puffin 2. I hope to buy a Bonfire when YYE gets the second run of them, but I was wondering if anybody out there who’s played both could give me a little comparison of the two. Any input would be appreciated.


i have a 28 stories puffin 2, and i got a electric bacon blizzard on the way. but i am loving the puffin! ;D


Personally I think those two are the best yoyos of the 2014 lineup.


Puffin2: Has a really comfortable shape with soft edges and the size of it makes it feel really comfy in hand.

Bonfire: Also really comfy in hands and has soft edges, The size is bigger so people with bigger hands might prefer it.



Puffin2: Puffin2 plays the fastest of the new line, only a half gram lighter than the Bonfire it destroys it in terms of speed play, I think the inner rim design makes it cut through the air a lot faster.

Bonfire: Plays at a medium speed, Faster than the BVM2 but slower than a Chief or a Puffin1/2.

WINNER: Puffin2, but if you are a more of a flow player and don’t care about speed you might like the feel of the Bonfire better.


Puffin2: Manages to be incredibly stable while maintaining high speed compared to smaller diameter throws. A big improvement in stability from the first version and hard to find this stable throws with that diameter and lightness.

Bonfire: Bonfire beats the Puffin2 in stability which should be expected of a bigger diameter and more v-shaped throw, The slight V-shape makes it really stable during horizontal and regular play.

Winner: Bonfire, even though Puffin2 is really stable too.


Puffin2: Has a weird combination of float and solidness. Has a really nice feel to it.

Bonfire: Super floaty the way it plays reminds me a lot of the Peak which is amazing. Makes it a really good yoyo for chill play.

Winner: Bonfire, really depends on how you want your yoyos to feel, both play incredibly smooth Bonfire being more floaty and Puffin playing a bit more solid with tons of float too.

Sleep time:

Puffin2: The way we designed the Puffin2 was to minimize the center weight on the yoyo to maximize the sleep times on the yoyo while keeping it under 66grams and having it with a smaller diameter.
Usually you sacrifice spin time for speed but the spin times on this thing are incredible compared to how fast and light it is. I timed a long sleeper throw on it(cleaned CTX, Irpads fat kitty) to check out the spin time on it and got 8:19 minutes!

Bonfire: Has a really good sleep time too, but you would expect it to be longer compared the puffin2 because of the half gram increase in weight, the slower play of it and the larger diameter. Did the same long sleeper test on the Bonfire(same setup with same bearing for consistency) and ended up getting 7:50 minutes.

Winner: Puffin2, The sleep time is similar on the two but Puffin2 seems to have a tiny bit stronger sleep time to it.


Puffin2: Smaller diameter makes it better at chopstick tricks and small mount tricks, The lightness makes it faster for speedy tricks and easier to control at high speeds especially horizontals. Finger spins are a delight on it too. The speed of it might make it harder to control for players used to playing slow and it might move too fast for them.

Bonfire: Bigger size makes it harder to miss strings and the stability makes it more forgiving on sloppy play. The bigger diameter also makes it a bit easier to control regeneration on it. Even though it’s more stable in horizontal tricks they can be a bit harder than on the Bonfire just because usually you have to play at higher speeds to keep the momentum going and the Bonfire is a bit harder to control at the higher speeds. Finger spins on the Bonfire are pretty poor but still easily doable. Big Body tricks are also a bit easier on the Bonfire because of the stability combined with the size.

Winner: TIE, This really just depends on what kind of tricks you are doing both have their pros and cons here.

I personally like what the Puffin2 has to offer over the Bonfire for my style but I can easily understand if somebody prefers the Bonfire over it.


Excellent comparison, albeit from a slightly biased source, whom I personally would trust, I hasten to add!

Just wondering if anyone else could add anything as I will be purchasing a Puffin 2 or Bonfire (cannot decide which), along with an Amplitude when it gets released?