Puffin2 VS Bonfire

I’m interested in trying a clyw and seeing what’s behind all their hype :slight_smile:

I want a yoyo, that can still somewhat quick, but can slow down just aswell (Like a takeshi, anthony rojas) kind oF speed
OF course, stability, spin, and FingerSPinability is wanted

I think the advance scout or cliff would be a better option.

Of the 2 you listed it’d probly be bonfire.

It should b easy to find a nice bonfire in a good color way used I the bat for a fit n fair price. Although it’s my only clue it is fun and pretty Stanley Netherlands weight is almost spot on 66g which is lighter than most of my throws.

I’d say Puffin 2. Bonfire is a great throw but there isn’t anything that really stands out about it to differentiate itself from competition throws.

The Puffin 2 is a more fun throw and has a unique feel to it that sways away from competition styled throws. I’m not really good at describing throws but I feel that the Puffin 2 or even the Wooly Marmot 2 would fit the bill!

The puffin 2 is a super fun throw. Its pretty light, pretty full sized throw with some decent float. I love throwing it when I’m just chillin, either that or the Gnarwhal 2, those are both really chill throws IMO, and they’re both capable of being super speedy if you want to go fast.

That being said, I’ve never tried a bonfire, but compared to a sasquatch and a chief, those two are less solid feeling, and a bit speedier

Nothing more chill than a Bonfire with a flat bearing.


Would highly recommend both, I own both of them. The Bonfire is for sure floatier and more fun. It is fast and easier to control. The Puffin 2 is another great choice if you want something a bit faster and a tad more solid. The Puffin 2 imo is one of the longest spinning throws I own and is great for fingerspins (don’t let the hub fool you). If I were you I would pick up one of those cool lookin solid puffin 2s from yye. The Bonfire isn’t supposed to restock for a while with all the new stuff clyw is doing at the moment. You won’t be dissapointed with either of them.

but with a koncave… :o :o :o :o :o :o

KK makes it a bit more solid IMO.

mine is coming tomorrow

Added bvm2 >.<
Not really lookin for an “all-fun” throw tho, a comp heavy yoyo that can still be considered fun would be awesome

Puffin 2 is one of my faster throws IMO, but I’ve heard good things about the BVM2