CLYW Recommendations

As the title says ^^^
I have an FG AC and I like the weight and size of it. From what I have read, most people like the BVM2, Summit, and Chief. Which one of those would play the most unique and different from the AC? Which one do you prefer? Are Their others that you like and think is unique? Thanks in advance!

the cheif is very popular

Yup… and for good reason, it has something for everyone to like! Stable? Floaty? Fast? Flowy? Relaxed? It got a little bit of everything

Puffin it is so relaxed it is the polar opposite of the Artic Circle, but it can be a serious beast if you push you self. It is very floaty and fast. Great throw and an excellent edition to anyone’s CLYW collection. And about the spin times that people complain about, not at a problem it spins just as long as my Artic Circle.

Thanks guys! But are there any thoughts on the bvm2 or summit?

I absolutely adore the BvM2. I also like the Summit. The Summit feels a little more… almost floaty but also lighter feeling on the string. But the BvM2 plays extremely well and one of my favorite yoyos. Very solid.

As yoyoavenger said, the BvM2 is fantastic and I love it. As you can see, it’s my favorite and for good reason. It’s solid, smooth and can handle long combos. It plays different than the Arctic Circle so it will add some variety to your collection if you do decide on getting it. :slight_smile:

If you wanted variety, I’d go with the Puffin, Glacier, and Cliff. All of them are less average, if I may say.

I can see the BVM2 gets much love. How is it for casual play cause I’m definitely not close to competition play.

I feel its quite good for casual throwing because you can either push it, or you can just do slow relaxed stuff with it. It has a medium speed to it but can certainly go faster or slower. Whatever you’re in the mood for! Also, if you are looking for more casual play the puffin is great!

The puffin is also a serious performer, watch palli his style is not what I would call super relaxed. It is different from the AC or BVM2 in that it breaks the mold for competition throws. The puffin is great and about the same diameter as the Gnarwhal but way wider. Also it has the chief style double rims(to small for glow mods though). Great throw and truly a joy to play.

I’m interested in the Summit too. How is it with the side effects and all?

If I had to suggest something unique from CLYW it would definitely be the Galactic goose. I traded mine away for a chief like, 6 months ago, and kinda wish I hadn’t. The only place you’ll be able to find one though is on the BST.