One Drop Valor vs. Format:C


These have both been on my list of wants for quite some time. The valor is definitely drawing me in a bit more, but I do love the double sight line version of the Format:C. I hope to one day own both, but for anyone who has played both, can you offer an opinion/recommendation?


Format: C has that “hollow” feeling that some 7075 throws have. Valor just “feels” better, and I think it’s largely just a better design.

Format was nice, but the Valor made me say “whoa, that’s really nice”.

My $.02


I definitely preferred the Valor out of the two.

I also preferred the Benchmark V over the Format: C.

Similarly I really want to try a Gradient, the shape just seems to cover a lot of ground.

(Yiyang Wang) #4



I own them both, and would have to advise you to try the Valor first.
They are both excellent YoYo’s, and I own several of each, but I would start with the Valor for sure.

The Format C: is a solid smooth YoYo for sure. It feels a bit heavier than the Valor, and I love mine but the Valor is without doubt my favorite One Drop YoYo.

I get the feeling that the folks at One Drop were not even aware of how special a YoYo they had designed at first with the Valor. It’s a YoYo that has quickly picked up momentum as more and more people have had the opportunity to try one.

The Valor is truly a very special design and I would recommend it highly. (If you can find one)


Valor all day errday. I’ve owned both. I still own the Valor and it’s going to stay that way. :wink:


I’ve heard nothing but praise for the valor


I love my Valor!