One Drop Restock! Valor, Format:C, and Benchmarks!

One Drop just sent us some great looking solid color Valors and Format:C along with an all new Benchmark color way!


[b]2014 Benchmark Series[/b] [i]Evolving Pathogen:[/i]

I have the space cowboy, how does it play to the valor?

Not saying anything bad about the SC, a wonderful yoyo. But the Valor stays with my collection as it shrinks and grows and changes. The SC moved along at some point.

I do feel they have similar play characteristics – spintime, stability, etc. Valor regens a little bit better, SC grinds infinitely better. I like the feel of the Valor in the hand a little better, but maybe that’s just familiarity. They don’t play identical, but I feel they’re “of a kind”.

I think I should pick up me a valor then :stuck_out_tongue: