Best Onedrop competition yoyo?


What’s your opinion? Benchmark H? Valor? Format:C? Chik?

(Bína) #2

In my opinion Valor is best, followed closely by Code 2.


came in here to say valor as well


Probably Valor. I love the Chik too. If the Valor is the refined and polished competition yoyo, the Chik reminds me of a scrappy little street fighter.


What about the Format: C?


The format C was designed from the ground up purely for competition. Its what the C stands for. So I would say the Format C. The CODE 2 was designed to maximize yoyo performance and create a “perfect all around yoyo” not necessarily for competition but a yoyo that everyone can use and be great with. so I would say the CODE 2 is a close second.


When will people realize that you can never singularly define “best” for anything (except maybe sleeper yoyo and the C3 BTH)… One Drop makes a handful of great comp throws and any of them may be the “best” for any given style of player. Stop trying to say there is only one supreme comp throw.


Valor hands down, no questions about it, end of story.


The valor is the best Onedrop throw available at the moment. That’s what unused in my most recent video. Phenomenal throw.


Came in here to say this. Agree 100%, the Valor is sensational.


That is kind of a hard question to answer. If you just want our opinions that is one thing but if you are asking because you ultimately want to purchase one of those four then you need to give more input, specifically what are your preferences when you look for a yo-yo. You could not have picked four more different yo-yos.


They are all low wall, full sized, and angular shaped yoyos.


You decide, not us.


It’s all preference…

…but yeah, Valor. :wink:

Gradient is also coming out on the 13th! Valor is still your rim-weighted choice, with the Gradient being the mid-weighted choice.