One Drop Suggestions.


I want to get a one drop yoyo and I need some suggestions. I am looking at the 54, Yelets and the Code 2. The Benchmarks look cool too. Thanks in advance.


You were making suggestions to buy these in another thread, you should know.


The Yelets is a really small and precise yoyo. Not a great competition throw, but great for working on combos and getting them spot on.

The 54 is a bucket of fun. It’s shape doesn’t make it great for competitions but it will do anything you want it to and make sure you have fun while doing it. I love mine.

The Code 2 is reliable. It works well for pretty much every thing including competitions.

You can’t really go wrong with anyone. Look at their specs and reviews, and decide what will fit your preferences the most.


I know how they play. I’ve tried them. I just don’t know which to buy for myself and I want other peoples suggestions.


Out of the three you mention I would get a code2 or a benchmark. If you try them already you should just go for the one you like the most. The benchmark is the best for it value and you get to pick from 3 different shapes. They all use side effects so that really good for changing it up.


This is at least a little bit silly. If you’ve tried them all, then just get the one you like the best! If you can’t decide which one you like best, use the coin flipping method:

Even if you think you don’t have a preference among the choices, you probably do, and that method will help you to figure out which one you subconsciously want. =)


Valor or Format:C is the way to go man…


Valor is definitely on my shortlist. Format:C looks cool as well. Just have too many dang yo-yos on my wish list.


format:C is fine… but that Valor is something else. Love it!

From the original list, I like the Code 2 best. I tried Benchmark H and O, and they are both AWESOME, too.


Valor or T1, both are awesome.