alright looking for my first one drop

alright guys and gals so i have looking at on 1 drops because well i like to try my brands before im committed to one so what are your suggestions in the scheme of one drop yoyos? i have a budget of $100 and under and by the looks of it i have a lot of options. ;D

well the benchmark v isnt bad and i know a guy who is selling his benchmark v yoyoexpert edition

There are several benchmarks for sale on the BST. Sebby has a purple benchmark O for $40 right now.

What size are you looking for? That would narrow down the choices a lot.

A little above your budget new but there are some floating in the bst :slight_smile:

Are you looking for used or new?


It depends on price point but if $80 is in your budget the Gradient is outstanding for its price. Very powerful spin, and better for grinds than the Benchmarks due to its scalloped shape. That being said you can’t go wrong with the Benchmarks. I prefer the V and use it every day.

Get the Markmont Classic on Thursday! You only have $100 so I don’t have to worry about you snatching one of my nickels :smiley:

Like the other members have posted I think the benchmarks are the best choices for your first one drop. You do have so many to choose from with your budget of $100 and under. It all come down to what you prefer with size and shape? With such a variety you really have to narrow it down. I must say I have enjoyed all the one drops throws I have own.

If I were you , I would wait and save another $20.00 and buy the “Valor”…It’s worth the wait.

or, You could find one on the BST for a bit cheaper.

The MarkMont Classic is also a great “Plan B”, but I believe the Valor would be a much better choice.

I was lucky enough to pick up one of the new MarkMont Classics, it’s a fabulous YoYo, but the Valor is still the YoYo I would shoot for. :wink:

the cascade to me is one of the best yoyos to represent one drop if you want to go just a little more

They are supposed to be coming out with 2014 benchmarks so that is also something you might want to save for.

Agreed! Definitely can’t go wrong with a Cascade. Undersized, feels good in the hand, spins forever, great colorways, and plays fantastic!

There’s some really nice one right now in the bst. I believe I even seen a good one for like $60. Can’t go wrong with a barely used throw and save a bunch of money if the process!

Good luck and keep us updated with what you decide to get! :slight_smile:

Do people really consider the Cascade to be “undersized”? It’s certainly on the smaller side, but strikes me more as a mid-sized throw.

I love the Cascade. But I love the Valor even more. I tend to agree that if you can wait, that’s the one to shoot for. But they’re so different. Cascade is fun while performing very well. Valor is a performance beast that gets its “fun” factor from how well it performs. :wink:

Since you already have the Paranoid which is a mid-sized semi-organic, you can probably pass on the Cascade for now. They play totally differently, but you might want to go for something absolutely different.

If you’re insisting on $100 and under, your two main choices are the Chik, Benchmarks, and the Gradient. I know you’ve been gunning for a Chik for a long time, so you could just obey that instinct! Great yoyo. But for my money the Gradient is even better. Benchmarks are fantastic, too. My favourite is the “O”, with the “H” in second place.

Markmont Classic releasing on Thursday. Solid colors are $95.

Y’all already know I’m going to suggest the DANG.

But seriously, any of the Benchmark Series 2013 would probably suit you best. You have three options in terms of shape and they’re wallet friendly. Hold out for a month or so and you’re going to have more options with the Benchmark Series 2014.

The Markmont. Classic has been my daily throw for the past 2 months. Can’t go wrong with one of those either.


hold out for a month or so is that a hint as to when they are going to be released.

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I know, I can’t wait.

I’ve said too much. Whoops!

My vote is in for the Chik. It’s a really good one, no doubt about that. The Dang is also one of my favorites, but depending on your style, it might not be for you. There’s just something about it that I love. It takes a lot of the qualities of the Project and makes vast improvements at the same time. Fun as it is, it isn’t going meet the flavor of the week industry standards at the moment. As previously mentioned, the Valor is a beast, but there’s just something about the character of the Chik that I really think is tough to match. Truth be told I could go on for a while about all the awesome OD throws, so to shorten my ramble, I’ll just say that I honestly don’t think there is a “miss” in the bunch,