Best yoyos on

Hey all!
What are the best yoyos on yoyoexpert under 100 bucks? I have a gradient, shutter, dv888 and popstar already. Gradient is my favorite.

All suggestions are welcome! Any brand!

Helium, L5 and Triad are 3 of them I liked.

Check out the One Drop Benchmark’s, amazing value and a great yoyo. Also, the new One Drop Markmont Classic comes out on Thursday, they start at $95, a lot of excitement around that one.

What makes the markmont so special? I was looking into the t1 or the code 1 or code 2 by one drop. anything else youd suggest?

If you have to ask, it will probably be just be another yoyo to you, unless you’ve never had anything high end before, in which case you will probably be blown away. Most of the excitement comes from it being from one drop and the markman. I tried it at nationals and I didn’t see anything incredible about it, but there was nothing bad about it either. You’ll have to try it yourself, or trust the hype and get one.

Isn’t this sorta like asking who’s the prettiest girl in the world. (Under $100 of course.)


that’s messed up, but real funny though :smiley:

Hands down the OneDrop Gradient. Smoothest and finest throw out there.

Again, all of this is subjective lol

There is no “best yoyo”. You just have to take chances and see what you like.

There is definitely a best yoyo, regardless of opinion, everybody who knows anything about yoyoing knows that the YYF Legend is the bomb.

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This has been said about 2000000000000 too many times.

DM2 anybody anybody? I know André Would appreciate it!! :slight_smile:

And that’s probably about 5 times less than “What’s the best yoyo?” has been asked.

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It’s like skiing, the best run is going to be the next one. The best yo is going to be my next one. That explains why the darn things accumulate so quickly.

I’d suggest a code 2. That’s it. It’s perfecto.

My opinion anyways :wink: