First OD


Im looking to purchase my first one drop yoyo and im stuck between:
Hairband Cascade
Gold Benchmark “V”

Looking for any opinions on either! thanks :slight_smile:


Really depends on what you’re looking for

The cascade is more organic and comfortable. It’s one of the few one drops that I really enjoyed the feel of thanks to it being midsized and midweighted. It’s not super fast but an overall fun yoyo to play.


well right now I’ve got:
Delrin Severe

Im looking for something different and realistically they’re both different from what i have


Well I have all 4 of the benchmarks and they are fantastic throws. I have not tried the cascade but I am sure it’s great if it comes from OD


Which shape do you prefer?


Benchmarks are all great, I personally love the O but everyone’s different. Have you considered the MarkMont Classic (since you’re looking at the Cascade)? It’s phenomenal!


Man, I LOVE the Cascade. I find it pretty fast actually, with ultralight Side Effects.


I’m looking for fast. I find my Avalanche sooo slow. I actually play my Felton severe more than anythig because it’s so zippy. I have a YYR Six on the way here too. Anyone know anythig about how it plays?


They all play very well. May favorite shape is the H for learning tricks on because it it the most stable and solid of the 4 and second would be the O for fine tuning this tricks.