3 One Drops to choose from

I’m currently looking at the Overture, Cascade, and 1to1. I have tried the Overture (at club earlier today actually) and Cascade (a few years ago), and like them both. My pockets aren’t bottomless, so I will only be buying one.

I am mainly looking for thoughts on the Cascade and 1to1. I want a “chill” throwing experience that feels nice returning to my hand and doesn’t this like a rock hitting the end of the string. I don’t want sharp edges, or snaggy anything. No “competition ready yoyos” are being considered. I don’t mind if someone can convince me of the merits of another (in stock and solid colors) One Drop to fufill these criteria.

Much appreciated, Throwto100


Those three are pretty different compared to one another, the overture is a really good organic, the cascade is what I’d call a bell shape and the 1to1 more of a V. Of those three I prefer the cascade, then the overture, then the 1to1. The 1to1 feels the lightest in play, but none of them feel like a rock. I feel like the 1to1 lacks spin time and is harder for me to correct when it goes off axis, it doesn’t feel as chill as the cascade or overture, I like my 1to1 with brass utra-lights in it which seem to settle the yoyo a bit.

Have you considered the Markmont Classic? I think it best fits what you’ve described, and it adapts well to however I feel like playing. The prescription is best described as a tweaked cascade, and it is worth a look if you like the cascade. You really can’t go wrong with any of the one drops.


I haven’t played the 1to1 but I feel like all three hit those boxes. Both the Cascade (and it’s younger sibling the Sugar Glider) and the Overture felt great in the hand, and neither have sharp edges or were shaggy or felt like rocks on the string.

Personally I vote for the Overture. One of the best organics I’ve played IMO. Cascade just didn’t do it for me and I ended up selling it off. I think I prefer more rim weight than what the Cascade had to offer (though the Overture isn’t a competition throw by any stretch of the imagination).


I haven’t tried any of the three yoyos you have listed but you really can’t go far wrong with Onedrop. I would second the suggestion if the Markmont Classic which is one of my very favourite yoyos and the Parlay is equally great. Both organic, both side effect yoyos and both an utter dream to play with!


Sugar Glider.

Strong spin resulting from Excellent weight distribution. Good ergonomic feel. Does not feel heavy or sluggish on the string. Very stable and hits the end of the string without a clunk.

One Drop never made a bad yoyo that I am aware of.

But the Sugar Glider is a top flight mono metal.

And a good price point.

I love mine.


I’m strongly considering the Markmont Classic, particularly since I have 2 sets of side effects and the shape looks really nice.

If there was a Rule in yoyoland that everybody that throws yoze; had to have a good case with 12 yoyos in it.

Part B of that Rule; would be that one of the yo-yos has to be a Markmont Classic.

It is a timeless and Masterful design.

Here is a test…

If you have never thrown a Markmont Classic; look at pics of the yoyo and read the specs.

Convince yourself that you are not liking anything about it.

You do not like the shape. You do not like the weight. You do not like the width. You do not like the diameter. You do not like the gap size.

…You just don’t like anything about it; period.

Then get one. Throw it around for 30 minutes.

You will laugh at yourself for thinking negative thoughts about it.

When you are done laughing; you will still be smiling.

Because now you own one and understand just how good it is.


I finally received my purple Markmont Classic today, and I love it! It somehow is the most expensive yoyo I’ve gotten, and I think it was well

worth the price. It practically massages my hand when I’m not throwing it around and the narrower gap width is jiving great with the wonderfully quiet flat bearing. I’m currently in the car on my way to a family union but I’m going to to be using this a lot when I get there!