Valor vs. Format:C

^^ How could you compare them? I’ve never thrown a Valor but I’ve thrown my friend’s Format a lot. I was also looking for thoughts on the Space Cowboy…. the made in China aspect is kinda throwing me off, but I’m sure it’s still high quality.

Any thoughts would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

Found this thread:,79636.0.html

So SC is settled, but I’m still curious as to how the Valor compares with the Format.

The Valor is your best bet. I feel it’s extremely stable, yet it is also light and fast. The fit and finish is also supurb. It’s an excellent throw, one of the best yoyo’s I’ve ever used. Seriously pick one up.

That’s definitely on my list, but this is an old thread lol. Ended up going with the Cowboy and am still super pleased.

Thanks for the info on the Valor though.

I was JUUUUST telling a friend that I need to get another format:C. I had one and moved it along quickly because I judged that it was “bland”; however, I think I may have judged incorrectly (my tastes have changed) and I really want to try one again.

That said, the Valor is life. I love that thing. I just can’t get enough Valor.