Looking for $120 Throw Help

Hi guys,
looking for any and all recommendations for a new (up to) $120 throw, here are my favorites right now:
Oxygene io
Oxygene Ozone
OD Cascade
OD Benchmark V
OD Markmont Next
King Spin Chronicle

I want something competition worthy so what do you guys think would be best? Thanks,

Well, this is not on your list, but the Elysium is THE BEST

Space Cowboy or Markmont. Classic


For me I’d have to vouch for the Onedrop Markmont.Classic or the Onedrop Valor. Two of the best yoyos currently out at the moment in my humble opinion.

Here is some information on both of them that goes into far more detail than I can here:



If it’s competition-worthyness that you’re after then perhaps the Valor’s shape would be slightly more suitable than the MMC.

At any rate, both are fantastic yoyos and you can’t really go wrong with either. Please note, I have yet to try a Space Cowboy so I can’t really comment on it. Still, I hear it’s a very good throw indeed and have been lead to believe that it plays similarly to the Valor, so I think it’s safe to assume that it’s also a good choice. :slight_smile:

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After making some divestments recently, im wanting to order a valor but they’re sold out everywhere. What are your thought on the Format C. Or even one of the benchmarks with an upgraded bearing.

I was waiting for Format:C too, in nickel or silver. However I became impatient and ended up buying a silver plated Summit. I hear a lot of good things about the OD Markmont Classic, however the shape doesn’t appeal to my style of play.

Wait a bit longer, they’re now producing it and will come to some yoyo stores in few weeks

Same problem I have with the markmont

Markmont Classic is great, but like others have said, others might be better “competition” shapes.

I really, really like my Space Cowboy. Highly recommended. Spins forever, super stable, nice shape, and the polished steel rims look awesome.

Valor is also great, only reason I don’t have one is because I’ve had other throws above it on my list before I got to throw one.

I’ve heard good stuff about the Werrd Irony JPX. Really want to try one out, but don’t know any throwers around me and no stores around me carry them.

Personally, I’ve avoided Oxygene stuff due to their different bearing size. The shapes interest me, but the fact that bearing choices for that size are extremely limited, I’m turned off of them.