best choice yoyo from $90-$120

Question based on the title. Preference of play?? All trick can be done perfectly. I want a yoyo which is butter smooth and spin for day.

Irony JPX, Valor, Space Cowboy, or Rapid


^^ this guy knows what’s up

valor is a 7075 yoyo?
from that 4, which is the best for u?

So many good yoyos to choose from.

Valor is really nice that was mentioned.

Also The Aftershock and gelada 2 are yoyos I would suggest.

my trio right now… the 2sick gambit, the g2 triton, and the g2 albatross are all the best i have played with yet and spin for forever.

Seriously Irony JPX. I have both the Valor, Space Cowboy, P.wave (a bit more expensive but still in the same class), Bonfire, Avalanche and so on, and unless we’re talking of my Laser there’s nothing in my collection that holds up to it as a performer. The Space Cowboy is a really good throw with lots of stability aswell, but i find to be bit more laid back in terms of play.

YoyoFactory Aviator.

its hard to find valor for now, hope onedrop would make another

There’s at least 2 sites at the moment that have the valor in stock. Just look around.

unfortunately, all of them are completely out of stock, what do you think about marmont classic?

From what I’ve heard it’s a great yoyo, although I haven’t had the chance to throw it yet. Love the shape though.

Planning on getting markmont classic if valor is not available

I got the chance to play the MMC at the LVO. IT is an amazing yoyo. It’s smooth, grinds well, and has a nice feel in the hand. I say go for it, while YYE still has them in stock :slight_smile:

Markmont Classic is an amazing yoyo.

i just found out that OD will restock some valors, i will definitely buy it

One of my favourites of all time. Funny thing: it didn’t “stand out” for me the very first time I tried it. Give it a few days. :wink:

i wonder they make blue solid color, i love it more than ayame

I love my eternal throw Elysian