OD Valor or Werrd Irony Jpx

I am wondering which one I should buy and why? What are the pros and cons of each throw? Thank you for your input and help!

JPX is hard to find. I like how big it is though and the finish for grinding. performs great for horizontal and is very stable.

The valor is just as smooth and plenty stable as well but for me it had nothing that stood out in terms of play. It just felt like a straight competition yoyo. If I wanted that I’d just grab a sleipnir.

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yyrs 7075 anodizing technology is like stuck in 2008

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Sleipnir is out of my budget and also isn’t on Yye. I’m waiting for Yye to get more solid Valors or more Jpx’s.

My bad, figured you were looking at the splash valors since they were the only ones in stock.

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I thought the Valor was “standard, nothing interesting other than being stable” the first time I threw it. It REALLY grew on me. It has something really special that you unlock after putting in some hours of play. You don’t notice it until you have it in rotation and have unintentionally started to compare to other yoyos; it’s then that you start to notice that there’s nothing else quite like it.

Also has (for my preferences and strings) the PERFECT bind set up for trick binds, requiring only about an hour… maybe two… of break-in time to get rid of that extra-new feeling.

I can’t imagine being without the Valor in my collection.


I thought my valor was my boring consistent throw but somehow I loved it after a while

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That’s what Greg just said :smiley:

I love it when you find a yoyo like that.

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It sounds like I’ll be happy with either yoyo. In your opinions how do you think they play horizontally?

I had that experience with my C3 Krown. Now I could never imagine being without it.

Easy. I have both.