Valor or Werrd Irony JP ?


Okay. I’m going to get one of these yoyos. Which one should I get and why? Don’t suggest any other yoyos but these, but you could twist my arm with the Format:C.


Wrong Forum, this should go under Looking for Help/Reccomendation.

But to answer your question, we need a little more detail on what your play preference is.
Personally, I would rather get a valor. It can play fast, yet its stable, and can finger spin for days.


Both perform very well and can do horizontal and finger spin well. I actually think the finish on the irony is better for grinding and prefer it’s shape and overall feel over the valor but that’s all preference. Either one is a great choice.


This is a tough one, both are so great and well rounded. I think the Valor is a smidge better at general play but if you do horizontal and Fingerspins Id recommend the JP. Both are very good at all of that though


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