Werrd irony jp vs yoyorecreation ( help plz :p )

Well as usual someone tried to convice not to get a yoyorecreation clash or overdrive or gleipnir to get a werrd irony what is it with this yoyo can some one compare with one of the yoyorecs to see the dfference in horizontal and stablity a pros an cons cause the iron is cheaper if they are about the same league or if the irony is better i will get it and get some extra string and accessories or better yet a protostr ahahah thnx for readig this question

They Don’t feel the same. and the Irony jp. although darn good. It has this…weird hollow feel to it.
A good yoyo. just a tiny step under YYR. very very tiny indeed.
Pros and Cons.
The Jp, is fast, stable and semi solid. It thunks on the string.
but, It has this slight hollow feeling, Its very interesting.

But Its up to you! The JP is Incomparable to the YYR you listed.
Totally different feel.

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Oops, I accidentally thanked that.

I have an Overdrive right now and I used to own an Irony JP.

The JP is an acquired taste imo, but it totally out-performs a Overdrive. Even though the Overdrive is like 64g, it has a nice “thunk” to it. The JP, however, is more true to its weight. The shape is also more comfortable imo.

I prefer the shape of the overdrive myself actually

Exactly! It’s undeniably good. But it definitely Acquired taste!
I only like the Overdrive more due to the light glidy feel.
The JP has more of a speed demon feel, with an interesting twist!
It just depends on what you like!

The Irony JP released at worlds this year it’s a bit different than the one release last year. It accepts IR pads better and it has a modified weight distribution. Also, it’s super cute :).

I like the newer one a lot better, even though I liked the old one a lot too. I would choose irony JP 2k13 over the Overdrive. (Though, I AM selling an overdrive right now :P)

How does it compare? Does it still have that weirdish hollow feel?

The hollow feel is not as prominent as the first one. I think that aspect is what makes it an acquired taste. Regardless, get past it, and you are gold.

Indeed! I’ve grown to love that hollow feel. the JPs are my favorite 3A pair EVER

If you want to escape the hollowness and you want something solid and fast, I suggest the GBA or 86400 when they come out (sept 6 I think).

Looking at the fruiture and 86400
And the new minute :slight_smile:

The new minute is too legit to quit. All of the newer werrd stuff is excellent.

I love Werrd. Man they’re just too amazing.

Werrd up!

Indeed! I Gotta try and make up some bangers.
i wanna get a Min.
Or maybe one of the big prizes :slight_smile:

I’m really not familiar with this “hollow” feeling. I always thought the JP played solid with essentially no float.

Really? huh. that’s weird. It just has this little weird hollowness. its so hard to explain!

I thought it might help if you could see a picture of the new Irony JP. These are dropping here at YYE on September 6.

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Hollow is admittedly a pretty vague way of describing the way a yoyo plays. Its kinda like a yoyo that takes a bit more time getting used to the speed.