Irony GBA, OG Irony JP or the New Irony JP.

I’m looking at getting an Irony but not sure which one to get since they kinda all look the same. I’m leaning more towards the OG Irony JP it just looks like I will enjoy that the most. Plus I like that Red/Pinkish color.

Can anyone tell me the differences between them three? Good and bad thing.

I would choose between the two JP’s and make your decision based on the size since the new one is bigger

They both play amazingly though

There actually the same size. I checked Werrd’s site and there all 58.

Was looking at these stats my bad

Would double check though with yye then

Yeah I saw those stats too which made me want the OG Irony JP and I went to check Werrd’s site and it say’d 58 and I saw ColeJ had one on his BST and he said it’s 58 so yeah.

I had the first run JP and i really regret selling it. Though now there’s a new, improved one out i would go for that. That red color with the outer engraving looks really cool when it spins.