LF Newer Werrds, Irony JP, Bad Decision & Irony SG.

Like the subject says, I’m looking for a few of the newer Werrd throws to round out my collection.

What I’m looking for is an Irony JP (Any version, but I would prefer an earlier one), a Bad Decision, And an Irony SG.

I don’t really care what colorway the yoyo is (Rare ones would be cool, but not necessary), and I don’t even mind if it has some bumps and bruises/a bit of vibe. As long as it still plays well, I’ll most likely be interested. Though I do love a smooth yoyo, so it would be a bit of a plus.

I’m mainly looking to buy, but I may have some things tucked away in my collection if I really like something.

SO if you have anything that fits the bill, and are willing to part with it. Please, offer up.