The Super Awesome Cool Sale of Coolness Stuff (YYF, YYJ, Werrd...)

Hey guys, these throws are just things that I do not use anymore. They are looking for a new home! I will do my best to respond as quickly as possible. Prices include shipping. Feel free to offer a different price as well. We can work something out.


G5+ Orange - very smooth throw, orange edition, one tiny pinhole and on small flat spot, I’ll send with some pad response goodies, great for 5A! (but I suck at 5A) $90
GM2 Blue - one of the last runs of the metal Grind Machine I think, I know little about it, aside that it is blue, and a special edition (as the yoyo itself tells me), great for 5A, a few scuffs on the edges that do not alter the shape of the yoyo/smooth to the touch $90
Beat Up 2009 G5 - really beat up, really really, silver rims for the most part, great beater, still can play, makes a neat sound while spinning (LOL) $20


New Breed - floaty bimetal yoyo, some light scuffs around the edges, some discoloration to the raw metal in some spots (the yoyo came with those though new), fun and big throw $30


Dingo - cute little guy, brown special edition, has 10-ball and stock pads, one inside rim has 3 silver dots on it that do not penetrate the metal $40


Two Fat Lades - strange yet good throw, quite floaty, groovy edition, some extremely light damage on the rims which does not affect grinding (because of groovyness), I’ll send with some pad response goodies $60


Metal Zero - super beat yoyo, rims have dings all over, uses Duncan pads, I’ll give you the silicion pads I have with it, plus a Chaz or something to get it to work, still plays, may be tug responsive depending on what you put in it, this yoyo is almost effectively a metal FH0 $15



If you have seen other posts from me, things hold the same. If you get it and don’t like it, just send it back. I’ll refund and cover shipping.

Well, mostly cash. But if you want to offer up something CLYW or Anti-yo, I’ll listen. Feel free to offer anything else as well, but just know that I will likely not bite. But I’ll be happy to message you to let you know what I think anyways.


do you have a youtube? if you do can you make a video of the 2009 G5 i wanna hear the “neat sound” cause i might wanna buy it

okay okay okay okay okay okay - Rammus

the pics were taken in 2007