I have these, and these, and a couple of these

Well I’m not into yoyo that much anymore, so I’m selling some of my throws. I’ll list what I have and y’all can tell me if your interested. I’ll post pics if I get responses. The yo-yos are: A YoyoJam ENEMY “B-grade”, 4 B-grade 888’s, a YoyoFactory Popstar, a SPYY PRO, a YoyoJam Fiesta, A Dark Magic 1 with a gold bearing and a ding and a couple scratches, and a B-Grade Augie Fash Boss. I also have a concave bearing that I’ll put in one of the yo-yos for like $10 bucks extra PM me if your interested and I’ll send you pics. All the yo-yos are mint unless I said otherwise.

30 a piece for the dark blue, purple, and red. $40 for the Light blue. I can do deals if you buy more than one. I’ll email you pics. My computer won’t post pics to the forum… (facepalm)