Hello… Once again, here are a couple of my throws that don’t get enough love!

MAKE AN OFFER… Looking for trades. I may be up to trade both of my yoyo’s for your 1 if you have something super to offer!
I work best through PM on here

I do have 100% positive feedback on another forum (YYN user name: BIG NIC)

- GONE - - Aoda Dancing Pearl with a KK - Very cool, underrated yoyo! plays nice with the (difeyo) KK!!
I have heard this is a rarer one with half does not have the “Aoda” logo engraved on it… only the lines and arrows! - GONE -

- GONE - - YYF b-grade DV888 - Very cool colorway…!! The only damage is pictured below on the solid blue half… - GONE -

and here is the only damage… just the small white marks on the blue half. It been this way since the day I got it.

MAKE AN OFFER… ANY offer!! Looking for trades. :wink:

feel free to make an offer on whatever yoyo you are interested in :wink:

Mainly looking for trades :wink:

how much ???

Feel free to make an offer… Mainly looking for trades :wink: