yoyos for sale!


Looking for:
Mostly Money
Coll yoyo trades maybe, PM me on what you have

I have a wooden throw, a orange and green throw, and a Duncan Imperial: You offer (buy or trade)

I also have a magic T5, really dinged up and its sorta heavy on the string: Trade for a Magic T6 (dinged is fine) or $10 shipped.

And I have 2 Yomega Mavericks, the old blue ones, one in perfectly mint condition, and one has like 5 or 6 pinpricks and no bearing: $30 shipped for the both of them, or you offer.

And lastly, I will do a package deal for all of them: you offer

Feel free to offer on anything, and PM me if there is anything you’re interested in or for pictures of any yoyo.

Have a nice day and piece out.

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