FS/FT Essence, Epic, Addiction, Lio, more (Updated 3/19)

Please read my post entirely before offering!

Clearing out the yoyo case, so I have the following to sell/trade. All of these have been played, but are in mint/near mint condition as described. Most of them have had bearings deshielded and cleaned. I’m open to trades although I am pretty particular about what I am looking for, both model and color, since I like to collect. Only interested in mint yoyos unless it’s something ridiculously rare/valuable.

Prices include priority shipping with delivery confirmation. I take paypal (strongly preferred), check, cashier’s check and money order. I can ship international for the right deal.

I can do a small discount for multiples. My preference is generally to trade two or three of my yoyos for a more expensive yoyo and not the other way around. I can easily even out trades with cash, bearings, rice stacks, Duncan tops, etc.

Feel free to offer, especially on rarer things that may not be on my want list.

Lowballs and non-mint yoyo trade offers are politely ignored.


General Yo Essence Black (Absolutely mint, including original box, string, instructions, etc.)
[$Offer or trade]

Available again! General Yo Magnum (No packaging, 10 ball bearing, one small blemish in photo)
[$230 shipped or Trade. Would love to see this involved with a trade with an RSL, Bape, 28s Peak, Aurora, etc.]
This is an amazing yoyo if you haven’t tried one. Made of magnesium and nickel coated, it has an extremely round, bulbous shape, sleeps forever and is typical general yo smooth. The blemish is very small and unfeelable, imo, it looks worse in the photo than in person.

Madhouse Epic Silver/Blue (Near Mint with packaging/pouch and tool.)
[$110 $105 or trade]
I say near mint because it’s been played a few times and this finish picks up hand smudges and tiny micro abrasions like a raw finish. It’s really pretty much mint though.

ILYY Liopleurodon Purple/Titanium (Mint)
[$90 $85 or trade]

YYF Superstar SF Giants edition Orange/black (Mint with Packaging)
[$100 $95 $90 or trade]

Spyy Addiction Pink (Near mint, there is one small blemish in photo. Doesn’t go through anno, unfeelable)
[$80 $75 or trade]

Werrd TFL Groovy Lady Gold (Mint with puzzlebox packaging) $65
[$65 or trade]
Very unique yoyo with beefcake (double) ball bearings! Nice inner grooves for grinding.

YYJ Atmosphere Blue (Near mint with packaging)
[$35 $30 $28 or trade]
Has the smallest little blemish in the metal rim, otherwise mint.

Duncan Bearing King Spintop Clear (Mint, Unopened)
[$15 shipped on its own. Better to add to another purchase or trade]

Duncan Imperial Tops (Mint, Unopened)
I have many Duncan Imperial tops in blue, red, orange and green. I value these at $5 a piece and can throw them in as deal sweeteners. They’re a fantastic way to try your hand at top spinning which is tons of fun.

Wants (Mint please):

YoYo Monster Fenrir (Blue, Orange, Red, Pink)
CLYW Peak (Alex Berenguel, Claireview Station, Wolf Lake)
One Drop 54 (Sunrise Fade)
Anti-Yo Bape (Mint/NM, not a beat up one)
ILYY Noctu 2010 or a blue one
ILYY Liopleurodon 2010 (Colors other than my purple/black. CanFlon Pink would be nice)
ILYY Falcon
ILYY Josy-Ann
ILYY Torino
Oygene Oxy5 (Red)
YYF Primo (Pink with Black splatter acid wash, special edition)
YYF Winston Rockstar
YYF 44 (Blue/Black acid wash)
YYF Boss (Blue rim with orange center)
YYF Chaotic (Blue Yellow Green acid wash)
YYF DNA (Bombsquad edition, blue anno)
YYF DV888 (Blue with black splash)
YYF G5 (Black with colored z-stacks)
YYF Protege (Hot Pink)
Turning Point MaxBet (Red)
Turning Point Solenoid (Blue, Red, Pink)
Spyy RSL
Northern Spin Aurora
General Yo Five Star (Red/Black)
General Yo Hatrick (USA edition)
Adegle Rhong-To (Blue, Silver mixed, Black mixed)
Adegle Formosa (Blue)


SOLD CLYW Peak Grizzly Bear Clown Town (Mint with packaging)
[Cash offer or Trade. Would love to see this involved with a trade with an RSL, Bape, 28s Peak, Aurora, etc.]
Fantastic Peak. Floaty! I am reluctant to let this one go.

TRADED General Yo Hatrick Red and Blue (Mint, extremely smooth)
[$85 or trade]

TRADED YYJ Phenomizm Blue (Mint with packaging)
[$55 $50 or trade]
Love this yoyo. Only reason I’m selling is because I bought a Phenom.

SOLD YYF Pair of Loop 720s Blue and Yellow (Played, but in decent condition) $15 for both
[$15 for the pair or trade]

TRADED CLYW Bear vs. Man Shark vs. Zombie Beaver (Near mint with packaging, silicone is a little worn, no damage at all to the YoYo itself)
[$115 or trade]


TRADED Aoda Immortal Star (Mint, Siliconed by me. (The included response was really crappy. It plays great now.)
[$45 or trade]
Very unique transforming yoyo. It has several configurations: A huge keychain ball, without stacks, with clear plastic stacks and with big metal stacks (kinda Madhouse Epic like).

TRADED YYF Superwide Red (Mint with packaging)


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Bump. Superwide added, Slime Slash Addiction added, Duncan Imperial Tops added. Superstar price drop.




how about 150 for both the lio and the magnum?