3 Difs for $80 plus other deals

Hi All,

It’s been a while since I’ve wandered the halls here.  Life is keeping me very busy so I just have not been able to indulge my hobby as much as I would like to.  With that said, I have some merchandise I’m hoping to sell.  My oldest is heading to college and really need to pull together some money.  The only trade exceptions I’m looking for are OD and ILYY in great condition that play well.

I will try to keep up on the forum to answer all questions but I don’t have consistent access during regular business hours est so you can also try emailing amchivas@hotmail.com just add the word yoyo in the Subject so I know it’s not spam.

Here is a link to pictures.  I believe everything on my list is in there.  If you are looking for something and don’t see any pics let me know.  There are old pics of throws I no longer have as well.  If it’s not on my list here I most likely no longer have it.

Just a couple of notes on how I tend to handle BST interactions.

  1. Money is king.  Trades will be considered but will most likely lose out to money offers.

  2. A yoyo’s condition is an individual thing.  All of my yoyo’s are judged based on my review and I tend to be fairly critical but I’m not you.  They are list in the condition I see them in.  I have tried describing anything unusual about the yoyo in the descriptions below.  If it doesn’t have an (M) it is considered not in mint condition but be aware all of my yoyos are kept very well and are in the same condition now.  *** A few yoyos have (M?) next to them which means I believe they look mint to me but were not sold to me as mint specifically.

  3. When I commit to a deal I keep my word even if someone comes along and tries to offer more.  I expect you to do the same.

  4. The yoyo(s) you acquire will be shipped with tracking via USPS.  I will take a photo of the box and send it to you if preferred along with tracking details.  Once that is done it is between you and the USPS to determine where your package is.

  5. Shipping only to the USA

  6. I will ship when I have payment.  If I have verification of your shipment that will be acceptable.

  7. When a deal is set, I will give you my very best guess at my intended shipment date.  If I cannot make USPS on that day I will notify and give you a new date.  It’s pretty rare that I miss my original date but you will hear from me just in case it does happen.

  8. PayPal is the preferred method of payment.  Please send as a gift.

  9. Prices are now up but I will entertain offers.  I tend to judge each offer on a case by case basis.  I’m expecting fair offers for my collection.

My List

Chico YoYo Company (CYYC)
Bulldog - black/red (M) (Box) - $80

A.Y.C.E. - pink/blue halves - $30

Dif-E-Yo (Will do all 3 for $80)
Sportster - raw blue weight rings (Tin) - $35
Tank - raw blue weight rings - $30
X-Bones - charcoal/crossbone engravings (2007 Worlds Edition) - $30 (Great yoyo but has marks)

Bumblebee - black/translucent red halves bumblebee caps (M) - $5
Freakhand (FH2) - translucent green - $5
Freehand 2 - translucent blue - $5
Imperial Keychain - transluscent blue (MIP) - $5
Imperial Keychain - transluscent red (MIP) - $5
Pro Z - translucent yellow with black caps and inserts (M) - 6
Metal Drifter - silver/blue (M) - $7
Pulse - clear, light up (MIP) - $6

Pocket Pro (Razor)
Zombie - green with black writing - $7

Tom Kuhn
Redline - black/silver (Box) - $12

Hyperwarp - black - $8
Hyperwarp - blue - $8
Maverick - black white barbed wire/skull etchings - $13
Xodus II - black with blue rims - $7

YoYoFactory (YYF)
888 - teal satined rims white hubstacks unengraved - $30
Northstar - white Jensen Kimmitt (M) - $25
Protostar - translucent blue/white writing (M) (Box) $25
Protostar - translucent blue/white writing - $20
PGM - stackless, green with black weight rings - $8
POPstar - grey (M) (Box) - $18
Starlite - tan-greenish GITD (M) - $12
Whip - black/black sticker (Box) - $7

YoYoJam (YYJ)
Kickside - lime green no caps - $8
Legacy II - red/gold caps (M) (Box) - $18
Lyn Fury - black (Box) - $7

I added pictures of the Magnum and the accessories as some people have requested them.

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I’ve had some inquiries but nothing is sold yet. Please shoot me a message if you are interested in anything on my list. Happy hunting.

Happy Friday to all. Looking forward to making some mutually beneficial deals.

Confirmed some deals today. Looking for good homes for more yoyos. Hit me up.

To all that are interested, the FG Chief is sold. Please feel free to contact me regarding any of the other items on my BST. I look forward to work out a deal with you.

More deals working. Please check out my BST and hit me up for a deal.

Let’s make a deal.

Moved a few more off my list to happy new homes. Take a look and hit me for a deal.

Happy Monday. Let’s make a deal. Looking to move some great yoyos today.

Added a few new items. Still looking for a home for some great yoyos. Hit me up.

I have some great stuff available. Who’s looking for a good deal? :slight_smile:

Looking to make some deals. See something you like…make me an offer. Really need to pull together some funds in the next week.

Good day to make a trade. Take a look.

Looking to add deal sweeteners for buyers. Hit me up.

Making more deals today. Who’s next? The Magnum is a beauty and ready to move. The Avalanche is a rare first run that is limited to 25.

Time to make a deal. I have some great merchandise left for the collector and/or player. Shoot me a message.

Made more deals. Who’s next? Looking forward to hearing from you.

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It’s Saturday. Who wants to make a deal?

Happy Monday to all. Let’s kick off the week by making a deal.