Shout out to the most unrealistic people


Some people are completely unrealistic on the b/s/t forums and it is the most irritating thing. Does anyone else have this problem?



“Okay guys, I have this dollar tree yoyo that costs $1, but it’s gonna be nearly impossible to get off me unless you make a crazy offer I can’t refuse…”


Hey bro I’ll trade you three magic yoyo beaters for your MIB Sasquatch


Or, “Do you wanna trade my beat DV888 for your USA hatrick?”

Sorry, just a little ranting :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m thinking of a certain king of lowballs right now. Do you guys know who it is? If you’ve dealt with him then you know ;D


The more stars, the more I want it.



I really dislike stating how hard it will be to get “X yoyo” from me.

If you weren’t thinking of getting rid of it then don’t post it. If you want something in particular for it then say what that is.


I will only trade if it’s highly in my favor.


I don’t like trading, so far I’ve always been very unhappy with the condition of received yoyos. Usually end up with spec bearings in a throw that should have came with a center trac or a 10 ball.

Or a locked up whipple bearing.

Keep it stock, guys.

I understand trading a beat throw for a beat throw, but getting offered a beat throw for your mint throw is insulting. Either pony up the cash, or offer something equivalent…

Right now it just feels like people unloading junk.


What’s the lowest you’ll take?

Oh sorry I thought you were gonna pay me $10 to take it off you and didn’t think you’d actually want something :d


Asks me my lowest price

Offers lower than lowest price


I like haggling, but so far no one here has known how to haggle. :smiley:


I’ll trade a dinged up dv888 for a mint cliff


I think there needs to be a warning label that yoyos lose their value once they’re dinged.


Impossible to get off me. Unless you offer me $200 for this yoyo that costs $100 new but i still put it on my bst.

people who use their bst to show off all their high end Japanese yoyos when not busy arguing w everyone else on here and flaming everyone else.


I’ll trade my yeti for your peak. And your chief. And cliff. And maybe your shutter.


People who reply to a 2-3 year old post asking if it’s still available.


3 beaters for a MIB yyr?


Damn, we know who you’re talking ‘bout :wink:


That’s some passive aggressive bull!

Everything has a price. If I had a BST I’d put up my whole collection as well, because I’d want to maximise the number of offers I recieve.