It's going to be hard to get.


Does anyone else wonder why they’re putting it up for trade if they like it so much? Seems like they’re just trying to get the most out of it that they can.


a lot of times people like to make their threads look better by adding their best throws to it. Also they might still trade/sell it if the offer is right. I’ve done this but only ask for stuff on my want list… sort of like “dont offer me a ton of junk for this, I only want to trade for something I’ll like”


Yeah, those always bug me as well. That and people not putting prices on the stuff they’re selling.



I know but you see someone say “offer big. It’s going to be hard to get.” It makes it sound like they’re going to try and get more than its worth simply because they like it.

(Alex Fairhurst) #5

If I put up something I really like I am very specific about what I want to get rid of it for. That way I’m not flooded with PM’s like

“protostar and dm ii for your yoyos? plz reply soon my mom needs the computer”


Yeah it bugs me too. Especially since everytime someone has a yoyo I want, it’s brandished with the “Don’t want to get rid of this, so offer really well”



That’s understandable. But if you just say “offer big” with no wants or anything, i find it annoying and just don’t want to offer at all.


I love perusing the microcosm that is the BST, but it is a strange place.

‘It’s going to be hard to get’; ‘Offer big’; putting up a wants list but not accepting what is on the wants list for what’s on the BST; pricing throws higher than retail despite them being in stock; general rudeness of posts; are all the BST’s little quirks. BUT people have the right to do whatever they want despite how strange it can seem. And to me, a little bit of me finds these avenues into the human psyche oddly intriguing, both because you can have really cool experiences along with really weird ones. Long may we all continue BSTing. Plus there’s that eternal hope that the next post will hold that one yoyo you’ve been waiting for, with just the right wants list…


Yes that is annoying. It’s like when you go to a store and like what you see in the window and when you want to buy it, they say its not for sale!


Thanks, Alex! I just spit Dr. Pepper all over my keyboard. :smiley:


Some people like the thrill of the bst. When people start the “offer big” or do the “hard to get off me”, I move on. I don’t have time for that game.

I will pay a fair price. I will try to get the best price I can get as well. I just don’t like to play games. Fully commit to unloading it or leave it off.

Similarly, those fishing to see what they could get for items.

At my point, I know what I want and know what to pay. I’m mostly done with BST since most of what I want ate latest models these days.


I was going to post and then in proof reading it was massive. I miss where the BST was previously where people wanted to try new throws and traded. Now it’s “give me money for the new hyped throw” or the old “give you five bucks for that once hundred dollar throw”.



As you can see from my feedback, I use the BST very often. I’m fine with people asking above retail for a rare, or sold out throw. But it really bothers me when someone says, “Don’t even try, your never going to get this” and there offering a beat Cascade or something similar!

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #14

The “It’s going to be hard to get so offer big” thing doesn’t bother me nearly as much as making more than one bump per day and when people don’t post pics with the initial post!

Oh yeah and the other thing: Pics must be of the actual yoyo!

Wheeew! I feel much better now, having said it!

Thanks :wink:


I think it’s the worst when someone puts up their first metal yoyo and say “offer big on this one, it has a lot of sentimental value.”

What’s the point. If it has sentimental value just keep it.


I know others have said this before but there should be a rule that if you want to sell a yoyo you should have to put a price on it.



The best BST threads are always simple.

A list of great pictures with a price right next to it.


They are lol I do it sometimes cause if someone wants it bad enough they’ll offer big


It bugs me too. I ignore those posts. Those people are just using the BST to show off what they have.

Oh. I will trade for a mint 28 Stories Peak! Lol

Nobody is ever going to give you a Peak for anything!


I just like to see em suffer >:D lol, I just put it in there to attract people to my BST but if the trade is right, ill shoot for it.