Things to avoid when posting on the BST


1- Please dont post collection pictures or even single pictures with yoyos that are either sold or not for sale as it causes confusion and people may offer on things that you don’t want to sell.

2- please post separate pics for each yoyo so the potential buyer/trader can see damage on that specific yoyo.

3- When a yoyo is absolutely gone (paid for) please totally remove that post for that yoyo because even if you do receive a better offer it’s frustrating to the buyer when the seller backs out. And having cross outs/coloring over yoyos in pics just creates confusion for potential buyers.

4- Dont post offers or inquiries in the post PM ONLY as it bumps the thread pushing everyone else’s down a notch.

5- If your listing brands in the title of your post and you have sold out of a particular brand, remove it!!! Baiting people in for brands you don’t have is deceitful and aggravating for buyers.

6- When posting non yoyo related items, only post them if you are TRADING for yoyos. If you are just trying to sell then there are places far better suited for selling non yoyo related things.

Anything I can add guys? Let’s try to get this stickied to help out everyone. And especially people new to the BST.


I also vote that people don’t list things that they aren’t selling.

“Oh, here is my ****, it’s not for sale though. I just wanted to show off.”


I do it because people still try to make offers even after I erase it. I usually leave it up for a day or two with a line then remove it.

Is it REALLY that annoying and complicated? If anything, it’s quite clear and direct.

This I agree with.


I slash through cause my pic has all the throws in it. So I slash through what is sold and make it clear that it is gone.

I do agree with people showing off in the BST. It’s not necessary, post what you want to sell and trade and that’s it.


If you post a collection pic it would be very complicated and annoying if you deleted the ones that are sold, because then people wouldn’t know what’s up with them.


I wouldn’t post a collection pic at all, but I’ve seen people bring the pic into MS Paint or something similar, put a big ugly “X” through the unavailable or sold ones, and re-upload the picture.

Seems more of a pain than just photographing each yoyo separately.


Ya that’s y I’m strongly against collection pics. It’s hard to see the actual yoyo ur interested in


Most people would gladly send you more pics of the yoyo you want to see if you would just kindly ask them in a pm.


Ya but it’s just easier for everyone if the pics are in the thread


I slash through mine and leave them up for the buyer/trader to look at until it actually gets in their hands and they are happy. I personally like to check out the thing I just bought/traded for after a deal is made and so I do it for anyone who is like me. Sorry if it causes any confusion, but I also think it’s quite clear that the throw is not available and like to show off when I can so :stuck_out_tongue:


I actually like seeing which ones have been sold. If anything, I use the sold prices for my own research when pricing throws I want to sell. If I have more information, the better chance I have of getting something sold. On the flipside, I can also use it to see if a yoyo I want to get is a good value or not. By seeing how other yoyos have fared in terms of sales, I can see If I’m getting a good deal or not.


If only this were the way it went, it COULD maybe be a bit useful. Instead, it could be listed at $100, and over PM the price goes all the way down to $60. The slashed out listing is almost never going to be updated with the reduced price.



Make the tittle more professional and this could get stickied!


What else should I add?


Generally, that is how it goes. Of course there’s always exceptions, but it’s still better to have as a reference for pricing than to not have anything at all. If the seller is firm on a price, it usually says so and if he’s willing to listen to an offer, it says so, so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to get the overall gist of what a certain yoyo is selling for on this b/s/t. I use ebay as my main price reference for everything. I just look at the completed listings of whatever it is I want to know about and that’s how I figure out the market for that item. Besides that, I think it’s interesting to look back and see how the supply/demand for certain yoyo’s has changed over time. And, as someone else stated prior, it’s good to have it up so the buyer of the yoyo can compare it to the pics once they have it in hand if they need too. And if you don’t see how any of this would benefit anyone, then my last reason I think it should be left up is b/c what in the HELL does it matter? What is hurting? I’m not in any way knocking the OP b/c I agree with everything with the exception of deleting the sold items and there are some sellers that are getting out of hand. Anyway, this is all my opinion and I know it’s going to differ from many and that’s fine with me. Later


The point is to not waste people’s time. I know I’ve felt like I’ve had my time wasted several times when I dig into a thread only to discover it’s sold.

For example: A thread’s title says “Lots of great yoyos” so I decide to look, not knowing what yoyos are in there. I see a great picture of a SPYY Solaris in the colour I want. I get excited only to find the name and price of the yoyo with strikethrough down near the bottom.

If only the pictures of available yoyos were there, I could quickly scan and at a glance see if any of the yoyos are of interest to me.

A different but related point: If there is no more “Brand X” available for trade/sale, take “Brand X” out of the title. Aggravating!


RIGHT ON Greg!!! Not gonna say names but theres a person claiming in the BST to be selling a lot of cheap high end yoyos. I’m pretty sure he has 1 yoyo for sale…



I really think there should be a limit to how much NYYR stuff can be sold on a B/S/T thread.