Annoying thing about BST

I’m not sure how many of you out there have experienced something like this, but I have come across this a few times before. On a person’s BST when they say offer, I make an offer. Then they reply back with their feelings hurt saying that my offer is too low and then some. I mean if it’s too low, why not have a general price range listed of how much you want for it instead of playing this guessing game where you get upset and stuff.

No, the real annoying thing is that we have had threads about this before not only about this issue but with other ones as well. And NOTHING ever gets done about it.

Seriously… you think after years of saying something should be implemented after being agreed upon by a majority of members something would be done about it but nothing ever gets done and it’s really irritating. It’s just the same.

Been there, done that.

I just avoid BST’s now that don’t do things a certain way.

A BST posting must have:

Photos of the items(s). The more the better but sometimes with large postings, it’s not as convenient.
Accurate description of all items.
ASKING price. Sometimes I’ll just take the asking price.

I don’t see this as being too much to ask.

I’ve been avoiding the BST for quite some time. If people want to sell me stuff, I have my wants in areas where they can be found.

Who cares if they purport to be “upset”? BST is about buying and selling, not making someone feel good. If they do not like your offer, the are free to ignore it. Otherwise, it is simply a negotiating tactic to make you sympathetic to their position.

I dont like it when people dont respond to offers they dont care for. I respond to 99.8% of all offers with a polite “thanks for the offer, but no thanks”. Its kinda rude to leave people hanging.

I don’t go to the BST’s too often (as you can see by my trade count) but I do get quite annoyed by the people who post something and say it’s not for sale. It’d be like Wal-Mart telling you they won’t sell you a snicker’s bar unless you ask for the right price.

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Exactly. If you make an offer for what you’d pay then that’s all you can do.

So… .2% of the time you don’t respond?

I’d suggest always responding. :slight_smile:

Yup. I hate the hole thing where I offer them something and they reply to me with 4 texts of reasons why they don’t like the offer I made with a stringy attitude.

.2 percent, why not %100?

There are many things that used to annoy me about the bst. Now they just make me laugh. I don’t really have a problem when people ask for offers. I feel like if someone doesn’t post a price and just asks for offers that means they want more than the item is worth. Either because it is rare or it is an item a lot of people want. If someone has “offer” just expect to pay more than retail value. Or just don’t buy from those people.

Btw… Looking for mint Peak. Have Duncan Butterfly. Peak must be Mint. :smiley:

I always find it funny when people are like “I don’t want to sell this, it’ll take a LOT to get it off me so offer BIG!”

It’s like, yes you do want to sell it, otherwise it wouldn’t be here… you just want me to offer you more money than it’s actually worth.

If you put “offer”, then accept the fact that people are always going to offer low. The whole reason people buy off B/S boards is to get a good deal and people are always going to offer on the low side to test the waters. No different to going to a car boot sale… you offer low, then usually end up bartering until you meet in the middle with the seller.

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Yes, it is annoying. In my view, people seeking “offers” simply want their yo-yos appraised. They are not real sellers. I just skip over those threads and look for sellers with prices listed. BST is one big game, and once you accept it for what it is, you don’t get as frustrated with it. Part of that game, is filtering out the posts you described above. Sad…but true. By the way, the user who got an attitude after you submitted an offer, was likely upset because you appraised his yo-yo at a value far below what he thought he had in his collection. He just took it out on you. Don’t sweat it :wink:

I completely skip over anyone who doesn’t list a price, and i suggest every one else do the same. Until it becomes a rule to list a price, which from what i can tell is common practice on every other online classified i participate on, we can at least boycott those sellers. Also with the B/S/T exploding i think it’s definitely time to divide it up into <$75, $75-$115, and $115+ sections, or something to that effect, not sure which levels i’d want exactly, i just know i’m tired of seeing 30 Popstars while looking for a YYR.

I think boycotting those sellers would be a pretty good idea. However, I don’t think it would be able to be divided up, unless you did it like other BSTs where each item gets its own listing. What if I want to sell my Duncan Butterfly, C3 Capless, and then like a Turning Point Positron? If I put them all in one listing, I wouldn’t be able to pick what section they would go in.

Edit: Maybe links from each different listing to your other listings would work?

Best BST ever (seriously),54392.0.html

This sounds so familiar. Deja Vu type of thing.

That’s a good example. Here’s an example of something you might not want to do.

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You hit the nail on the head.  :smiley:

I believe the “OFFER” bunch just do this in hopes some newbie will overbid.
Let’s just send these guys 20$ offers until their inboxes are full.

i despise when people do that. if its a well known throw that may be one thing but even then you cant get mad at a lowball offer if you dont have a price listed