A Special Thank You and My BST Experience


The Thank You

I had a bounty on finding a mint blizzard Avalanche in the BST, as well as a YYF Monster. Thanks to those guys who assisted me finding both those items. The blizzard Avalanche is NM but quite nice and completes my blizzard family. But, something cool happened when the Avalanche popped up. I immediately offered on it, and paid the seller. The seller then refunded me, and stated that someone bought the yo-yo for me, as a gift. The gift giver is anonymous. I just wanted to post a thank you to the gift giver, as that was totally unexpected. Maybe I have a secret admirer. Just kidding. :wink: But, a sincere thanks. No matter how old we are, it’s always nice to receive a gift.

BST Experience

Well, I’ve now reached 100 feedback, so I have a few things to share. This is for those of you who like reading. As many of you know, I’ve been mostly a buyer in the BST section, and don’t really trade yo-yos. I sold some things on the BST early on, traded some trading cards, and done some gift exchanges too. But, I bought a lot of older, out of production, hard to find things on there. I slowed down on there quite a bit recently. I prefer to buy retail, when things are available that way. I think it funnels money appropriately to the manufacturers, and retailers, and does the most to keep the yo-yo industry booming. The more we buy, the more they have an incentive to make and sell the new ones. I’m all for it.

Feel free to copy and paste this, and answer these questions for yourself. I had fun answering my own BST questions :D:

1. Best deal: $50 for a mint Blood Brother and mint Pop Star
2. Worst deal: $30 for a Delrin with Teflon tape residue on the axle. Evidence the seller knew or “should have known” of a vibe issue with the throw. It should have been disclosed.
3. A person is most likely to get a negative for: A yo-yo not as described. I will cut more slack for too little information that I failed to ask about, rather than an outright lie in the listing.
4. Most annoying thing: Tactics to squeeze a few extra bucks from you. Sellers give you a price, and then at the last minute ask you to pay Paypal fees or shipping costs, like they didn’t expect a fee or to ship when they quoted you the price. Give one total price, including fees and domestic shipping. Not a huge deal but definitely annoying.
5. Worst listings: It’s a tie. First, international sellers (the transaction involves high shipping costs for tracking, and involves a long wait to get items). Also, a listing asking for cash that says “offer” with no prices listed. It looks like a request for an appraisal, not someone who really wants to sell. I avoid either, whenever possible.
6. Pros I’ve made a deal with: Jeff Coons, and Sebby, both perfect gentlemen. Oh, and a nice deal with Yoyodoc that was not BST related, but it was made via the forum.
7. Most desperate attempt to find something: YYF Monster and blizzard Avalanche. I offered a bounty…well, a reward rather, for anyone who found them, if it led to a deal, and they were received by me, as described.
8. Most important aspects of a transaction: Communication, honesty, packing well, and shipping fast.
9. Would you recommend the BST? Yes. But only for buying or selling, not for trading. I think trading is too risky.
10. What would make the system better? A way to weed out the lazy, inexperienced forum users. Likely, a way to verify their true identity, address, and properly educate them on the rules before they can access the BST. PatCondon had a great idea about passing a quiz to unlock that section of the forum.

Once again, you’ll see me looking for some obscure items, or stumbling on a good deal, like it’s some sort of a yo-yo clearance rack. But, the goal is to refrain from shopping there too much. Thanks to all of you who I made a great deal with. And a special thanks and big forum hug for my gift giver. :-*

T.A. :wink:


Man TA that’s awesome and thanks for sharing your experiences!


TA the reason someone would purchase the final piece for your collection is that you have single-handedly contributed so much to our community. No matter how you think about it, your posts and comments have always been constructive to as many people as you could and the fact that nearly everyone enjoys the games that you create for us. It’s something so simple, and yet it brings the whole community together so effectively. Really, all there is to it is to pick the side you like! Heck, you don’t even need a reason, nobody else cares, they’re all just having fun too! Great ideas TA, in my opinion, you’re one component of the glue that holds YYE together :slight_smile:


^ Very kind of you qpwoei12. It put me in a mood to go off the top in a zone… 8)

At a glance I saw a wanted throw, thought to give that a chance,
I posted a reward for my plans, of getting a blizzard Avalanche.
My feelings were ignited, and I got really excited,
I put an offer in to buy it, and I couldn’t wait to try it.
But, something happened to the throw I bought that I had wanted,
The seller contacted, and said my payment was refunded. :o
He said he paid me back, what I paid him almost a hundred,
Cause a person bought it for me, so my payment was redundant. ;D
I wanted to know who bought it, but my attention then shifted,
To respect the anonymous gift giver, for the special throw they gifted.
Some like T.A., and some will never understand me,
It’s cool, 'cause one person does, and completed my blizzard family.
I’ll never sell it, never trade it, for all the money in the banks,
To that very special person, I offer a sincere thanks. :slight_smile:

T.A. :wink:


That’s pretty awesome to hear! Nice to know there are people that generous out there in the community!

  1. Best Deal- 25 for a nm Battosai. This guy saved my butt. I needed another 54 to replace one that was lost in the mail, and it just so happens that someone else was looking for a 54.
  2. Worst Deal- 40 for a Liopleurodon with a bent hub, was described to me as having very little vibe. I definitely should have given negative for this, but I hate doing so, and the guy had 120 of positive, so I gave him a second chance, I wanted something else from him, and told him if that deal went perfectly, I would not give him negative from the deal before.
  3. A Person is most likely to get a negative for- Not sending out the yoyo. I am very lenient with giving negative or neutral feedback. There have been at least 10 trades where I should have left negative, but did not since they offered to refund me.
  4. Most Annoying Thing- Lowballs, nuff said.
  5. Pros I’ve Made a Deal with- Don’t remember lol
  6. Most Desperate Attempt to Find something- Yoyojam Black Gold. Luckily one of my buddies found one for me :slight_smile:
  7. Most Important Aspects of a Transaction- Communication, manners, packing, and honesty.
  8. Would You Recommend the BST?- Yes. If you know how to be careful and how to approach someone, you will almost never get scammed. When your starting out, only trade or buy with people with higher feed back.
    9/ What Could Make the BST Better?- Most of the ways to prevent scamming are more trouble than they are worth and will probably not be very effective.


^ Nice insight. I agree with your #3, as that is the worst possible scenario. It never happened to me, so I never considered it. :smiley: That would really stink. Also, for #10, true, as they will never make those changes to the BST, as this is a site to sell new things. But, we’ll make that question hypothetical from here on out. :wink:


I agree with your points on the BST forums. I stay away mostly since most are overpriced. eBay has been good to me.

The most annoying by far are sellers who say, “good luck getting this off of me.” Well…good luck getting me to offer anything on it.

  1. Best deal: $50 for 3yo3 volume (I think)

  2. Worst deal: Not actually a bad deal, but pokemon diamond, pokemon black, and pokemon heartgold for a dm2 and a fiesta XX. I messed up and accidentally gave up some level 100 pokemon.

  3. A person is most likely to get a negative for: “”“MINT”"". Seriously, if it isn’t mint don’t say it is. Even a small pinprick declassifies a yoyo as mint.

  4. Most annoying thing: Not going on the forums after a deal is struck/negotiations are almost done. If we have a trade in progress, please don’t just disappear for 2 weeks.

  5. Worst listings: If you aren’t selling or trading a yoyo, then don’t put in on your BST.

  6. Pros I’ve made a deal with: Yoyodoc sent me a crazy amount of string to redistribute to people. I was able to donate about 100 strings, but i still have SO MANY!

  7. Most desperate attempt to find something: Probably a spin dynamics monkey fist, but I kind of stopped trying.

  8. Most important aspects of a transaction: Good packing, good communication.

  9. Would you recommend the BST? Yes, but tread carefully.

  10. What would make the system better? A better way to prevent scamming. Maybe a requirement before being able to BST? For exaple 500 posts, 3 months on the forums, or proof that the account is of person who has BST’ed elsewhere (for example if the forum account is of someone who has used the facebook BST for a while)

ALSO that ava was well deserved, totalartist is a great person.

(kclejeune) #9

I gave you that volume. You bought me my rally. Well worth it for me.


@Nachofoot Yeah, the “good luck getting this off me,” I wonder why they bother mentioning it at all. But, I realized a lot of the BST is about people wanting social interaction…not always about really wanting to make a deal. Weird, but true in some cases.

@Supbreh Thanks a lot. Good to see you back on the forum lately. I especially agree with your #4…that is especially annoying. Let me know if you’re still looking for that Monkeyfist and if you’re looking to buy or trade. Just curious in case I can help.

I figured I’d post a photo of the blizzard family. Thanks again! ;D

https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5475/14446690924_7dd2cf0cf3_c.jpgCLYWBlizzardFamily by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

  1. Best Deal: Either an NES for a Benchmark O and Voodama, or $35 for a MIB Hubstack Genesis.

  2. Worst Deal: Haven’t had any.

  3. A person is most likely to get a negative for: Not as described yoyos.

  4. Most annoying thing: Talking all day with a person about a deal, then he becomes silent, ignoring your PMs.

  5. Worst Listings: Saying something is your favorite, or off limits, but still posting it on your BST.

  6. Pros I have made a deal with: Adam Brewster, I bought a Protostar and One off him, and he threw in a free Superwide!

  7. Most desperate attempt to find something: Any cheap Yeti, beat, I don’t care. Someone was going to trade me a gray one for my Too H.O.T., but backed out. :frowning:

  8. Most important aspects of a transaction: Communication, and fast shipping.

  9. Would you recommend the BST?: Yes, if you are willing to search and have a slightly damaged throw.

  10. What would make the system better? I can’t find any way to prevent scamming, it’s like kids not asking their parents before going to disneychannel.com, and playing the games anyway. :smiley:


bst is almost always safe if you do it smartly. do business with only high feedback people or if its low feedback make them pay/ship first. i think the most important aspect of bst is communication. if you can’t pm or text or email this guy because he doesn’t answer is just plain horrible. it’s even worse mid trade.


You definitely deserve that Avalanche, and more TA. You’ve done so much for the community aspect of these forums. Heck, you’ve given me two throws now for the Splash Game!

1. Best deal: Probably my BvM2. I got it for pretty cheap because it wasn’t completely mint, but it is one of my favorite CLYWs now. So smooth.
2. Worst deal: I’ve overpaid for a few things that I really wanted at the time
3. A person is most likely to get a negative for: not following through with their end of the deal
4. Most annoying thing: I have to agree with TA on this one. I cannot stand when I have a deal with someone and they then try to nickel and dime me to death with fees and shipping. Also, when people ask for gift payment. It is against paypal policy and I lose my protection by doing that, and no, I won’t pay the fees then!
5. Worst listings: For Sale only without prices. I understand not putting prices up if you are looking for trades, but if you’re only selling, put up prices.
6. Pros I’ve made a deal with: too many to list
7. Most desperate attempt to find something: both the Draupnir and Canvas
8. Most important aspects of a transaction: honesty, communication, and full disclosure
9. Would you recommend the BST? yes. I’ve built my collection mostly through the bst.
10. What would make the system better? I think asking for gift payment/asking for fees to be covered should be against the rules. I was a moderator for a huge video game collecting forum for a few years. We always got involved with bad trades and attempted to make them right. Eventually we banned gift payments, and the issues became almost non existent, especially with purchases. I’m surprised YYE allows gift payments. If paypal gets wind of it, it can cause problems for the store here…


It is against the rules.

  1. Best deal: Ehh, not really any awesome deals. I guess a MIB Jack Rabbit Bonfire for $135 shipped, considering this was long after the release and long sold out.
  2. Worst deal: Oh boy. You wouldn’t believe what I’m offering up for my wants right now. To an outsider, it’s completely absurd.
  3. A person is most likely to get a negative for: Lying about something, whether it be the condition or the shipping time or whatever. Being lied to is not a good feeling.
  4. Most annoying thing: When people don’t respond. I mean, really? We’re both interested in this deal, except I’m giving 100% and you’re giving it anywhere from 20-60%
  5. Worst listings: When you post a BAD pic of all your throws. So bad that it’s difficult to tell which is which and there is no displaying of any damage.
  6. Pros I’ve made a deal with: none :stuck_out_tongue:
  7. Most desperate attempt to find something: Right now, which I’m thankfully pending for both. Sleipnir and Amplitude
  8. Most important aspects of a transaction: Constant communication. I won’t mention names but there are certain people who just don’t respond for extended periods of time. Then there are the really considerate people who basically fill up a couple pages of your inbox for 1 trade. This is real communication, my friends.
  9. Would you recommend the BST? Yes, and as always, be wary of who you’re dealing with. Scour their profile, recent posts, and see if you can get them to give an address so you can run a check for multi-account scams.
  10. What would make the system better? Here’s a thought: You can only register one BST account to one address. And I mean a BST account separate from normal posting accounts. I don’t mean 1 BST account/name. 1 BST account/household. Although this remedies the problem of multi-account scammers somewhat, it does pose a problem to households with more than one yoyoer. If one person scams, EVERYONE who gives that addy is put on the watchlist.


@Vegabomb-Thanks for pointing that out. Whenever I buy a yoyo off the forum they say, you need to send it as a gift or pay the fees. I pay the fees because I never really cared too much about that extra cost but never thought it was a forum rule.

The next time they ask me to pay the fees, I’ll tell them to check out rule 14.


Nice thoughts TotalArtist. 8)

About this, international sellers are a constant for me and because of it I don’t know anything diferent from high shipping costs and long wait.
I also avoid topics were there’s no base price for anything. It’s pretty annoying.

So far I had a good experience with the BST. Always as a buyer, no trades, no hassles. :smiley:


Most annoying: When someone asks for your lowest price and then responds with a lower price


1. Best deal: Had alot of them but $50 for a mint 09 Wasabi, dead smooth, basically my smoothest throw!
2. Worst deal: Cant think of a single “worst” none of them have been “horrible”
3. A person is most likely to get a negative for: Not sending, if its a big condition issue like beat and he says “near mint” I will ask for a trade back before I do any negative feedback.
4. Most annoying thing: WHEN PEOPLE LIST “OFFER” instead of a price!!! Seriously! You know how much you want, you just say “offer” incase someone offers you higher than that amount, which is greedy I think. Also Not answering a PM when you are supossed to ship! I know you are online, its been 5 weeks since you have shipped, just tell me when you are going to send it! Even if you say “I cant ship till next week, sorry man” thats fine, just tell me! Im not a scary person! haha.
5. Worst listings: When damage isnt listed and you have to ask, when a throw is listed as “near mint except 3 dings 7 pinpricks and a deep gash in the middle”
6. Pros I’ve made a deal with: A few sponsored players on here, all nice guys.
7. Most desperate attempt to find something: Confetti Bonfire! Still havent found it, if anyone has a MIB one I will make you a very good trade!
8. Most important aspects of a transaction: Shipping fast and communication.
9. Would you recommend the BST? Yes, as long as pictures are detailed and if you are VERY VERY anal about condition then stay away with anything with any damage. If a throw has “2 small marks” and you get it and it actually has 3, then you arent the first person this has happened to, dont freak out over it, it happens. Thats why I try 1000% to describe damage though, I know some people are SUPER anal and picky.
10. What would make the system better? Might be hard but you could put your wants list in some where and if someone makes a thread with that item then you will be alerted by PM. “Blahblah has a Confetti Bonfire” I know that you can just search but it would be cool to have it automated, idk if that would cause some people to snipe all the good stuff right away though! Also maybe make it if you are selling then you must list a price, then alot of people would be “trading” and looking for offers though :confused:


Sorry, that came across badly. Just saying I hope it starts to be enforced more strictly.