Something I don't get about BSTs

Ok, something that I just don’t understand about BSTs- why do people keep the stuff that they already sold on there, with pics and all? I find it really annoying going through the BSTs and half the yoyos on them being “sold” or “traded”. Why not just delete the pictures? You can keep the text so that other people can see that you have traded before, but scrolling through the pics is just annoying. I’m not complaining (well yeah, actually I am :slight_smile: ) but I’m just looking for another explanation, or that people feel the same way haha.

I don’t do it, and I agree it is annoying, but if I could make some guesses about why it happens, I would guess:

  1. Laziness - Too lazy to delete a photo, which takes as much time as it takes to write “sold.”

  2. Misconception - I think for some people might think that, putting something that was great but no longer available, next to an item that is not great and still available, could actually make the not so great item look better than it would look on it’s own. Basically, it just makes the post “look” better…more eye candy. You might stay in their thread longer gawking at what you can’t have.

  3. Keeping a Record - For a few people, it might be a way of keeping their own record (photo included) of what they used to have, and sold. Unfortunately, that record remains public, in such a way that everyone has to look at things that are irrelevant. So, this is a different version of #1 (lazy record keeping). It would be better to keep the record elsewhere, write it down somewhere… but that might be too much work.

  4. Reputation - I think some people might think that if you see all these nice yo-yos they used to have, you might identify them as someone who usually sells good stuff…not junk. It might register in the subconscious of the avid BST shopper. Next time someone sees their BST bumped, they might be more likely to check out what’s for sale. After all, that guy sold some “good stuff,” in the past. :-\

I’m just taking guesses, but I gather it’s one, or some combination of those 4 things. Then again, only someone who does it would really know. I just think different people might do it for different reasons.

Surprisingly, TotalArtist didn’t pick up on the reason that I sometimes do this.

I don’t do it most of the time, but sometimes if I’m selling something with some damage, I like to keep the pic/text up as a way of resolving any potential disputes. That way, if a yoyo has a nick, and the buyer PMs me with “I thought you said this was mint!”, I can direct them to the thread where the original text and images are.

The only time I find it extremely offensive is when they keep yoyos in the title of their BST that are no longer available (I’m calling you out BBB BvM2 guy) to trick me into wasting my time looking at their BST. After the 2nd time I usually remember and learn my lesson but it’s still relatively annoying.

As far as having things crossed out in a BST as sold, if they have large clear pictures with more than one yoyo in a picture I don’t really mind. If each yoyo has its own individual picture then I think it’s fairly pointless (and as TA said, just as easy to remove the picture) but whatever floats their boat, it’s their BST, not mine. I think kids putting their explicitly “not for sale/trade” yoyos in their BST (and again, especially in the title) is much more misleading and annoying.

I personally love when a yoyo is gone from my BST and my list gets shorter, but different strokes for different folks I guess.

I think doing it for the reason snowmanjoshu stated is completely legitimate as well and something I hadn’t considered. I guess I sorta lump that in with TA’s “record keeping/reputation” since I figure if someone has an issue or wants to see what I own or have sold/traded they can just go through my flickr linked in my BST.

I would throw that in the “record keeping” category. From my first post it would be:

#3. “For a few people, it might be a way of keeping their own record (photo included) of what they used to have, and sold.”

I just think that the record is better off elsewhere after something is sold, not in the thread with things still for sale. I know that’s all a matter of opinion though. For me, I would just take a screen shot of the entire post which includes the text and photo, and save it as a .jpg file on my computer. Then, I have a copy if I need it, and no one else has to scroll through and look at it. If the buyer requests the listing, I have the entire post exactly as it appeared, photo and text.

Different strokes is true. :wink:

Haha yeah that bbb bvm2 guy tricks me every time.

I prefer to see a list of past transactions at the bottom of a BST thread, as well as embedded pictures of the yoyo being reduced to a link to spare space and confusion. This way, I can easily look through the yoyos that have been sold or traded, and see how it matches with the poster’s feedback.

This also gives you an overarching idea of what kinds of yoyos they keep/trade, and what condition they usually end up in before trading them away.

As long as it’s not being done in a deceptive manner, keeping any of this information in the BST is very helpful. If it’s not being typed directly into the thread, one method I can suggest is to consolidate all past BST transactions and pictures into a pastebin, google doc, or on dropbox and simply provide a link at the very end.

Frankly I think there comes a time when you should just start a new one. I really hate looking through pages of bumps. And I hate sorting through what’s left.

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Mostly I just hate sorting through piles of “make offer”.

If it’s for sale, put a price on it. If it’s not, don’t list it.

If you don’t know what it’s worth and don’t know what you want to sell it for, it’s not for sale.


There should be a rule that you have to list a price. I have no idea why there isn’t one. There are too many people playing games, seeking a yo-yo appraisal for their collection. I agree, they are wasting everyone’s time.

I agree. Even if it’s a loose bracket, there should be some sort of dollar amount or desired yoyo at all times.

I don’t sell yoyo’s I only trade. So I would never put a price on it. It would be silly too since if it was a rule I had to I would just have to put on a price that was way more then anybody would buy it for since all I want too do is trade.
What I would like to see in the bst is a bump button so I don’t have to type a reply to bump it.

I leave my BST photos up until the buyer/trader receives it. Not only is this great for settling disputes as other forum members have mentioned, but I also think it’s a nice gesture. I know plenty of people like to swoon over their new purchase and return to the BST just to admire the picture. I’m one of them. 8)

It’s funny. I almost always remove sold yoyos from my BST, but for some reason, this time I moved them to the bottom and shrunk the pic to half size rather than remove them. I still took them out of the title of my BST, though. I’m not even sure what motivated me to move and shrink them, but I did. But at least this satisfies most people who don’t want to scroll through sold items.

But, I agree. If someone can’t make an organized BST with pics of each individual yoyo, I usually pass them over. I mean, you’ve got the camera in your hand. You can only take 1 group shot? And then included in the group shot are yoyos that they have no intention of selling or trading. “You’ll never get this from me”, “Offer huge”, and “I’ll only trade this if it’s in my favor” are just insulting statements to potential buyers.

The problem with not listing a price is that some people put “offer” and don’t specify what you are supposed to offer. Are we offering up money, another yo-yo, or what? That is why “offer” just looks like a joke or someone seeking an appraisal. I, personally, don’t bother with those listings, because if someone is not sure what they want for the yo-yo, it doesn’t appear serious enough effort with the thread to waste my time.

A lot of these “offer” seekers do not even specify “for trade only.” Therefore, they appear to be looking for money, and if they are looking for money, they should list a price. I see BST threads with a price listed on every yo-yo, except one or two yo-yos that say merely “offer.” Offer what exactly? :-\

I’d like to see every yo-yo with a price on it, unless the seller wants to indicate “for trade only” along with a mandatory wants list attached. Trouble is, most of the “offer” people never seem to want to indicate “for trade only,” because that would ruin their yo-yo appraisal. They seem to want people to offer cash, and they don’t indicate what they will sell for, because they have no intention of really selling anyway.

Yeah I understood the point. I was just making a case for us traders. Where out there.
I can understand the want list. I normally just don’t know what all is out there, so I simply put something like Small bearing yoyos(current one of mine). Its been years since I payed much attention too the new release’s. It can be hard being a wheeler dealer, to simply frame what they may want. Seems to limit your outcome. Takes away from the fun a bit.
A lot of the time I build a BST post and then off and on search the BST my self and use it as the reference for my trades. In those case’s I may have no idea what I am looking for when the process starts. I basically need a bst to get things rolling though. Not to lose track of your argument I don’t bump those posts, I just send people to them when I want something they have. So this whole kind of post is a bit moot, but still a case as to why it might be a bit harsh to limit in the way of needing a want list.