Irony (No, not the yoyo)

Well the mint with dings thing has been brought up before, but was just looking through some BSTs again and wondered. Why do so many people sell their yoyos if they describe them as the smoothest they have ever thrown or their favourite?

They’re trying to get more money for it. Honestly, I don’t know why people put their “Favorite” throws on the BST though. You’d never get me to part with my CODE2.

Or the “offer big” or “hard to get this off me” stuff.

I say:
Either commit to selling it or don’t waste people’s time.

Also, all sellers should post asking prices if they are selling. If they are trading only, most are quite clear on that.

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Or the people mistaking sentimental value for actual value.


We need some new BST rules…

When people say “open to all offers” then say no to everything.

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I don’t know. It might be better if people would follow the rules we have (photos or links to photos, have the yo before you try to sell it) and use some common sense about their threads.

If you want me to keep my opinion to myself than “offer big” because I don’t really want to sell anyway, it’s one of my favorite opinions! :wink: Yeah, it’s almost mint with a few scratches, and a totally smooth opinion with just the tiniest bit of vibe but not noticeable at all.

Do we really need a template for the bst? :-\ I’d rather see people regulate their own behavior, use some common sense and some consideration for those that read their thread.

No, people just need to observe the existing ones.
Or we need to enforce them more vigorously.

Just because a yoyo of mine is extremely smooth doesn’t mean I have to keep it. I have way more nice throws than I can reasonably use. I like to try out new stuff and sometimes that means selling some old stuff, good as it may be. If a yoyo is dead smooth, I want the buyer to know that the yoyo they’re getting is excellent in hopes that they’ll be more interested.

As for the favorite thing, I’ll sometimes put some of my favorite throws up because they’re worth more than any others in my collection and I might rather have that money, or be looking for a really interesting trade for a rare throw. Sure, selling a favorite of mine isn’t the first thing I’d want to do but it’s not like I don’t own other throws that are great too.

I understand the feeling on this, but it still does serve a purpose. I’ll write one of those things for two reasons. One, if I’m only looking to trade up and I don’t want to hear offers for throws worth less than the one for sale. And more likely, two, if I’m looking for a rare or interesting throw that I might not have thought of, cannot name, or do not expect to be for sale, but someone might be willing to give up.

“Offer big” though, that’s just smart selling if you’ve got a rare or in-demand throw. I could have asked a little above retail for my early Code 2 a while back, but “offer big” got me much more than I’d have expected.

As far as implementing new rules in the BST, I disagree. Those that don’t follow the rules/guidelines for creating a successful BST thread usually already suffer consequences, in that their yoyos aren’t selling. What’s a minor annoyance for us is worse for them. We, the shopper, can just deem a post not worthwhile and move on.

EDIT: Also, what’s a minor annoyance for us is a /major/ annoyance for the moderators, who’d have to enforce a new set of rules that we really don’t need.

It’s usually the fault of those lazy moderators. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I absolutely agree! ;D


On a more serious note, I have been moderating BST threads that have no pictures and/or include reference to yoyos that are in transit from a trade - and encourage everyone to report them when they see them.

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Now you’re talkin! lol

(I know! You’re just after the ty’s) ;D

People need to understand that when someone sells a yoyo, they can put the price at whatever they want. its there throw, they can put the price higher then retail bc maybe they want to make money, or need more money, or they dont want to get rid of it so they put it at a higher price. people cant get over the face that they want someones throw but the price is higher then retail, and then they compange about the price. if its too high then thats there choice, move on and realize that thats what they want for it.


I have the smoothest yoyo i have ever thrown in my BST (Adegel Glaze). The reason why I want to get rid of it is because of its size. So for me its not the best yoyo but the smoothest. So I dont see a problem with declaring a yoyo to be the smoothest they have thrown!

Not that I have sold anything yet because I like ALL my throws…lol. But I can see why some would charge more. Like my Duncan drifter ($25) that I got and put a ceramic xwing terripin bearing ($20) in it with dif pads ($1) and bigger spacers from Duncan ($2) and toxic strings. I’ve thrown it like a couple of days before my code 2 came so it’s in brand new condition and there would be no way on gods green earth I would let it sell for anything less then $50 bucks because not only are you getting all the new parts but the original parts and my time and effort of building a good throw. Just saying… Sometimes there’s a good reason they are more expensive then they should be. I would like so see more bst’s explain why they are more expensive. Like I just did. It would help selling points and clarify what they buyer is getting. Not just modded Duncan drifter. Plays very smooth. Awesome throw. $50 bucks! I mean come on!