when ppl arent going trade their cheifs but put em on bst anyways , and when they do they ask for the world. uts irritating…right?

No. It’s when people put up stuff the really don’t want to sell in the first place. “This one will be tough to get off me”. Either commit to selling or trading it, or don’t waste anyone’s time.

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Maybe they’re just not interested in what you’re offering. I have found that when I put some of my best throws up, most of the offers I get are aspirational…that is, people hoping they’ll be able to step up in the trade by offering me cheaper throws. Unfortunately, when you’re dealing with the “best” yoyos, especially when they’re not cheap or easy to replace, most people are going to want something equally rare or coveted in trade. They’re putting that Chief up specifically to attract that sort of offer.

But, the right offer is always going to get it done. You can’t really be upset with other people’s asking prices if you’re not willing to go high enough to meet them. It’s their stuff.

I still don’t totally get the objection to this. I don’t think they’re coming from a place where they’re not committed, they’re trying to say that they’re not desperate. It’s exhausting getting 40 weak offers a day on a good throw, even moreso when you’re not hard up for the cash. “Hard to get off me” is telling all comers to bring the good stuff or stay home. I think it’s reasonable, at least as much as writing “Please make an offer because I need cash now”.

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but some people get ridiculous…one guy wanted my code 2 AND 200$…

“Fair” is where it’s at for me. I’m not going to intentionally take advantage of someone. Therefore, if I don’t have a fair offer, I don’t offer. On the other hand I’m not going to let someone take advantage of me.

I think the reason that I find the bst on yye frustrating is that people don’t want to do any research to determine what a “fair” offer would be.

I trade elsewhere for the most part. (Not that I trade all that much.)

Like… I dont low ball, I dont offer up cheap deal sweetners, hell, ive even offered up multiple high end metal throws…still its a no. Im not going to clean out my wallet and case BOTH for your yoyo…especially when its kinda everywhere…

I interpret their statement of “Hard to get it off me” as:
I’m not sure if I want to sell it or not, so I am going to try to get an above market offer or a trade heavily in my favor to even consider offloading it. To me, these sort of statements come from a non-committed seller/trader regarding an item. I’d rather them throw up asking prices, EVEN of unreasonable, to show their state of mind.

Then again, I’ve dealt with a few million dollars in audio gear from people who have the “it’s going to be hard to get this off me” and doing crap like asking $28K for a mic that even if completely NEW(yet rare and old yet still good) would sell for $12K(I crap you not, a Telefunken E-LA M250), they wanted to play the “hard to get it off me” game. Guess what? I had $12K in my pocket, I walked away with $12K in my pocket and TO DATE, that mic has STILL not sold. In fact, I got a call from them the other day asking if I was still interested. I said “unless your offer has gotten realistic, I’m not interested”. Turns out they let it slide down to $25K, and still no takers.

When I see “hard to get off me”, I just move on. That’s a “not truly committed to selling or trading”.

For me, it’s simple: I don’t have anything I want to sell or trade off. Granted, I have a big collection, but that doesn’t mean I want to send stuff out. If I do put something on BST, it means “these are going to go” and that’s that.

If we want to focus on a Chief, for example, I’m willing to pay a fair and reasonable cost for it. I did get a deal via BST for something only a few dollars off what it sold for, and it was in new condition in the box. I was fine with that.

Oh well. Capitalism at play. That’s what BST is good for.

lol this thread is funny …

but seriously i think … anyone can offer what they want … and get ignored if its not right. I know the feeling of getting a lot of pMs and most of the deals are … eh :-\

and i don’t have problems saying no … but then some people will ask why or get upset … and say Oo its a good deal … or … oh you think you will get a better deal than my offer? ( really? you think that will change my mind) maybe i have had all of the yo-yos you are offering or … i am only looking for specific… either way … both side is correct

in another case … i put up an offer and the guy says no thanks and I move on … or i add more stuff to my offer or ask hey what are you looking for… still … its between the two of us … no third party needed.

b/s/t does get frustrating … but its still fun …

its funny though… cus i have been on both sides… at times i have something that everyone wants and at times i have stuff that no one wants…

its the work you put in … to get what you really want … and once you get it … you are like … YES it was worth it!!!

What?! That’s just too much. Especially when you can wait 3 weeks for the next release (As of recently).

The way I usually see it is that certain yoyos are very valuable to certain people. The reason someone says “this is going to be hard to get off me” is probably because it’s a very valuable yoyo to them for one reason or another, and they want to get their perceived worth out of it. I don’t think (generally) it’s an issue of them not wanting to sell/trade the yoyo, it’s just that it’s worth a lot to them.

With that being said; don’t pay more than you think you should, but don’t pay less than you think you should either.