Rare ≠ Valuable

This is goin’ out to all you BSTers out there.

The yoyo market is bursting at the seams with ‘rare’ yoyos. The word rare gets stuck on them because yoyos are typically made in small batches, compared to a normal consumer good, making them less available. So by definition they are indeed ‘rare’. But who said being rare is good. If you’re a species you’re almost a extinct and if it’s a steak you’ll get tapeworm.

People see these limited yoyos are dub them more expensive due to rarity, and for the most part there’s nothing wrong with that, but when people try to unhaul throws and pass them off as valuable because they’re missing the engraving?

Would you pay your car manufacturer to NOT put the racing stripes on?


Agreed, especially when it is just color, may be understandable if it is a yoyo with 10 in existence, but even a peak can be bought in a weeks time.

I don’t personally understand why anyone really values “pre-pro” or unegraved. I guess if it were a tester, and some noteworthy person was the one who owned it and tested it (and you could verify that by a special engraving or something), maybe it would have some interest for collectors of the brand…but otherwise, a non engraved yoyo is less valuable for me.

But, obviously rarity does matter. For me, only when it’s a rare model, not just a colorway.

Absolutely agree. Or offer big! Why? its worth what its worth and we shouldn’t have to offer more because of your opinion. I actually undervalue my unengraved stuff. It’s petty but it works i guess

Now we’re on a whole other thing that really needs to be addressed in my opinion.

Offer, offer big, you’re not going to get this etc…needs to stop. We need mandatory prices. Every other board I’m on works this way. No one said your price can’t be twice what the yoyo is worth, but the only reason you would ask only for offers with no price is in the hopes of ripping someone off, or worse, not even planning to sell a high end yoyo but using it to make your BST title sound more enticing.


Seriously. This.

I also don’t like “this was owned by so-and-so” then they try to jack the price up. I couldn’t care less who had your yoyo last. I mean if it was signed or something (which I don’t care about either) I could see. but just because Jensen had it first doesn’t make it any more valuable to me. maybe I’m alone in this but I feel like it goes along with the topic.


I personally hate the “you’re not gonna get this.”

Don’t put it on there, then.


This. I really hate seeing that line!

Good points all around!

While I don’t consider that kind of behavior to be very cool… Something to consider though is people ARE allowed to have yoyos that they like more than others…

I know that I’ve got a few yoyos I’ll never get rid of (so you won’t ever even see me put them up for offer) but there are others that if someone else REALLY wanted them, they’d have to pay through the nose… Because I’m not about to let those go easily. (That being said, I probably wouldn’t ever put them up for offer anyway…)

All the same, the best way to start change is to embody it. Help to create or change the culture of the BST as a whole. Embody good trading practices and pass them along. Keep up the good work.


Made a thread about the bst on this topic before and people just came at me saying the sellers just wanna see what they can get and what people are willing to offer. I personally think a bst is loss profit for companies because they get nothing out of these sales. Much like buying used games at GameStop.

You mean just like most non-consumable material objects that can be sold? A true tragedy…

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While I agree with most of what you had said. You did say that you would have someone pay for your opinion IF you were to put them on the BST. Or at least would expect them to if they stumbled across it by means other than the BST. That’s like me trying to sell you a quarter for a dollar just because I like the way it looks.

All of this really boils downto expecting full price on a used toy when the actual value is near half what retail is, just from mark up alone. If you want to add a value to your opinion do it from Fair market value so that the inflated price is still good for the seller and reasonable to the buyer. If they wanted to spend 140 on a used yoyo, they could buy brand new for 125. Doesn’t make sense.

What were you trying to add to this thread by saying that?

I do generally agree, though look at other collectible branches. Stamps, for instance. Some odd and wrong-prints go for hideous amounts. Rare is generally not the same as valuable, though in some special cases it might be.

And i also disregard those who puts up a yoyo and says that you probably wont get it out if his hands. I’m not interested in looking at your yoyos which you wont sell anyways. Thats not why i’m at the BST. Make up your mind. Everything material like a yoyo have a price.

Yep, this is what $##.## OBO is for.

I recently bought a couple of throws on BST, and both were priced by the seller. I don’t want to waste a lot of time going back and forth with a seller to find out he doesn’t really want to sell or to find out that the seller wants close to retail and I can just buy the same thing new, even if it’s in a different colorway. At that point, new is a better option for me because YYE will take care of me if I run into problems. After a while, I have learned the names of people who don’t list prices and just ignore their threads.

Also, I ignore sellers who post group shots of their 80 yoyos and say “offer up.” I have no idea what half of their stuff is (yeah, I’m a noob), but I could easily look at specs and decide if it’s something I’m interested in. If I only had a name.


Anything sold is worth whatever someone will pay for it. Just because someone thinks a certain yoyo is worth $50 doesn’t mean that’s what it’s worth to someone else. If you don’t like the price, don’t buy or trade for it. It’s as simple as that.

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As a response to Tuxedodave’s comment on how resale is apparently a bad thing in general.

I am one who enjoys collecting yoyos without engravings and I have had luck with it. Some engravings to me take away from the look of the ano and or the shape/design of the yoyo. So for me I like them for more asthetic reasons. When I choose to sell them I usually price them either at or below the cost. Because I like them with no engraving that does not mean that others do as well… I am willing to pay more for a yoyo with no engraving but again that is just me. They are rare to people like me who collect them but to Joe yoyoer out there they may not be…

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I suppose.

Very true…