Rare ≠ Valuable

I absolutely think that it should be a mandatory rule that you must have a price listed. Every other forum I am on is like this. One with nearly several hundred members on at all times.

I have some rare stuff. If I did sell it I would put it at what I am willing to let it part for. I am not always out to break even. Also some people like having colorways/un-engraved stuff that is 1 of 3, or whatever. Different strokes.

Also don’t forget that value is only dictated by the price someone will pay. So in a free market, if someone will pay X amount for an item. That is what that particular item is worth.

Nope, some things are worth more or less to one individual as compared to another. If you have a price in mind you should list it but if you don’t list a price and someone lowballs you you should not get offended as you didn’t offer an asking price.

I have many throws that are probably the last un-modded or mint left on the planet. I would also never sell them but if I were to put then up in a BST thread I would not put a price on them as I would be more willing to let them go for what someone wants to offer them for.

Die this mean my purple mountain Majesty isn’t valuable :frowning:

:smiley: It is to me :D.

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To bad its not leaving my collection unless well you know someone with fork out massive stuff :wink:


I don’t mind the “offer” or “offer big” things, and the “You’re not gonna get this” too much. Sometimes I don’t know how much I want for a yoyo, so I’ll let people offer on it. don’t understand why it’s such a big deal. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it or offer on it.

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If people want something, its valuable, if they don’t, its not.

First off, telling people to die isn’t a good way to make friends. Second, any Majesty will be valuable, especially Purple Mountain.

My biggest complaint with “RARE” yoyos is that people buy them for retail price and try to pawn it for much more. Lets say they get a rare colorway cliff. It was purchased around $155. When people try to resell it they think because its “rarer” than other cliffs that it automatically tacks on $$$. Not true. Anything pre owned will depreciate in value. Even if it is “Mint”, which is another problem with the BST but I wont get into that. People need to learn that they’re not going to make money off of their yoyos. Thats how most hobbies work.

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I think some goods actually appreciate with time. Look at guitars. A 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard in 1959 cost about $270.00. Now a new Les Paul Standard cost about $2,500.00. A mint 1959 Les Paul goes for 100 to 200K. Even new guitars appreciate very well. I bought a Les Paul last year and it cost $4,100.00 the same model and specs in 2013 cost almost $4,500.00. In about 10 to 15 years my guitar will be worth over 10k…

I think some yoyos such as painted Peak’s and the such appreaciate with age.

I agree with all of this. But one thing that absolutely HAS to be implemented is a required price listing. If you’re going to put “offer” and complain about lowballs, it’s your own dang fault! Even if it’s a ballpark number, it will give us a better idea of what you want for the item you’re selling. It annoys the heck out of me when people just say “offer.” We don’t know what you want for it. Okay? At least put your price and then say “or best offer” (OBO).

This is something I believe should seriously be discussed by the administration team here at YYE. And not to go off on a tangent, but something else that should be talked about is the 30 days/30 posts type rule required to post in the B/S/T forums… it would avoid alot of problems. ALOT of problems.

Please. Please. Please. We talk about this stuff all the time but nothing ever gets done about it.

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I agree some definitely appreciate in age… thats why I used a cliff as an example, it just came out and im already seeing this kind of stuff. It’s understandable that older “rarer” things appreciate in value because they no longer are made and are hard to find ect. ect… Just like the peak like you said.

I would just like to say one thing about this whole needed prices thing. I don’t think that anyone here has considered that the owner is not looking for money, but trades instead. If they are only looking for trades, then I can understand not putting on an actual price and instead saying “offer”.

I ment does! :slight_smile: and I dont really care because it won’t ever leave my case… Well unless they get endangered and I have to let it be put into special Care :wink:

I definitely don’t understand the obsession with “rare” throws, such as peaks and what not. In the end they are just a toy like any other throw. I do understand the collectors aspect of it, but it is just sad to see how much they get marked up. I’d rather have a cheaper quality throw than a rare throw.

Good topic. I don’t pay any attention to anyone labeling something “rare.” I typically ignore it. I am one of those who either wants it or not, and if it is rare, and I want it, I will have already defined it as rare or not for myself anyway. I have seen yo-yos I think are rare, but they were not listed as rare. I have seen yo-yos listed as rare but I did not believe they were rare at all. I ignore that word altogether.

As for that “offer up” when someone is looking for money for the item, I find it extremely annoying as well. It seems like people are wasting our time seeking a “yo-yo appraisal,” rather than a sincere willingness to let the thing go. I am sick of “offering up” so someone can appraise their yo-yo. It is the new way to find out what your old yo-yo is currently worth…the old “offer up.” Then, they get a bunch of PMs so they can gauge the value of what they have. There is no intention to sell. I see that and look the other way now. Total waste of time. Anytime I list something, I list a price. I’m not for all the games and beating around the bush.

On the topic of engraved vs. unengraved, I value them equally. I’m more impressed with what the yo-yo is, it’s condition, and how it plays, not whether there is something engraved on it. Some engraving is nice, and some looks awful, so that is a 50/50. I could take it or leave it, so it’s the yo-yo in great condition I’m after. If I bought a Toyota, I know what it is, so if I remove the emblems and logos, I know it’s still a Toyota. The emblems and logos are for other people to know what I have, and the company to advertise, but its not for me. I guess once I know what the thing is, I don’t care how obvious it might be to others. I bought the brand but don’t care if everyone knows it or not. I value them equally and could care less either way.

It is clearly in the rules #13 posted by Yoyoexpert, not to list things on the BST you have no intention of getting rid of. Clear rule violation to do it. But, people do it all the time anyway.

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Very true. One person may only want to pay $20 for a new throw, and someone else may be willing to pay over $100 for it. Therefor, it is worth $20 to person A and $100= to person B.

That’s not true appreciation because Gibson raises the price a few hundred dollars every few years.

“Offer” and “hard to get”. Don’t put it up if you don’t want to sell it.

Annoying at the minimum.