Rare ≠ Valuable


I agree with you there as there is a lot to do with production cost (Gibson in order to pay their workers a fair wage and continue to give them raises and good benefits needs to jack up the price) and cost of wood and all but guitars and most quality made musical instruments do appreciate…

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Unique and standout specimens, along with those owned and played by famous musicians will almost inevitably appreciate.

But a production Les Paul with no particular standout features won’t appreciate much if at all. However, they do hold their value fairly well.

Seeing this makes me want to hurt others in the immediate vicinity. Back on topic, I think that rarity is not the same thing as sought after. You can have a colorway that is 1-20, but that doesn’t mean it’s rare. Nearly every colorway done by CLYW is a 1-20/30/40 and is not rare at all. Something like 28s is not rare, but is sought after.


I think you hit the nail on the head with the “sought after” as certain throws and colorways are more sought after than others. Take me for example. I would pay well above book for a mint Hulk Smash Wooly Marmot with a great splash… Most would not but I would as to me it is a “sought after” throw!! Great point!!

it seems like General Yo does a bazillion un engraved yoyos a year, and people claim they’re rare.

If you don’t know, who would?

I don’t think every person who only puts “offer” is trying to scam someone, but the point remains that you should know what price you want, even if just on the high side. Otherwise, it’s a hassle for everyone involved. I think it very dramatically affects your potential sales as well. I know I personally won’t even mess with it because I assume you’re going to want way too much.

The other problem with it was already mentioned, those who do have less than honorable intentions with it. Either they’re poaching for uninformed buyers who will pay too much, or they’re just using a particular yoyo to make their sales thread look good, but don’t actually plan to sell. Why even allow this to happen? A price or estimate is the most important thing in any sales thread, anywhere, for any item.

The other upside to having prices is that old sales threads serve to set market prices for everybody if the future. If I search “FS Peak” or something, it would be great if I could see 30 sales threads and see the sold/asking prices. Too often, rare yoyo sales threads just say “offer” and this leads to you not knowing what your yoyo is worth.

My thoughts exactly. To in often do I see a yoyo i would like to trade or buy, but don’t want to take the effort to figure out what the owner wants for it.

Well, the unengraved ones are PreRelease people…

I don’t consider them at all to be worth more or less than an engraved version. I dig some of the engravings, some of them I don’t, luckily enough I don’t mind a plain yoyo with no engravings :stuck_out_tongue: On a completely unrelated note, I think the engraving game needs to come back full force, enough acid wash splash colorways. Let’s get some cool artwork engravings, C3 has the right idea there. Anyway…

I think it would be better if Mr. Kaiser sold less Pre-Release yoyo’s, cuz it seems a lot of people now-a-days just want to say they got one right off the bat then try to sell them for more $$ before they’re even really released.

^ This makes me kinda sad. Especially when they’re hyped up like “1 of 3”, but really it means 1 of 3 unengraved… of that color. When in reality there’s 20 unengraved lol. I can understand why this can leave a bad taste in people’s mouths.

I actually wish the Pre-Release Unengraved G-Yo’s were more “rare”, by that I mean, I wish they only went to really loyal people whom probably wouldn’t consider selling them. At the current state of it, you can pretty much get whatever color-way assembled you want, of the given options, that kind of takes the fun out of it. Really cool of him to do that, btw… but I wish it wasn’t taken advantage of, so people can say “Oh this is a Half THis Half That 1 of 1 unengraved super rare”, give me a break -_-.

I’ve never sold or even thought about selling any yoyo I’ve bought directly from Mr. Kaiser, engraved or not. I’m not saying it’s wrong if you do… I just think of it more in terms of he went out of his way to assemble/test/sell me one early because he [rightfully] assumes that I want it that bad, and don’t intend on getting rid of it. :slight_smile:

So… Maybe people should list prices… And also list equivalents for trades.

I.e. “I’m trading this peak. Looking for trades only. Trades should be equivalent to selling price of $150-$200 if I were selling this peak”

Or maybe:

“I’m selling this hitman. Looking for $35. Trades offers accepted if roughly worth $30-45.”


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That is a great idea.

Yes. I would much rather you not use “Offer”. I would even prefer people to say something high like I would like $150 for X yoyo OBO= Or Best Offer. So at least I know a general vicinity for pricing.