Value Appreciation

I’m making this thread just to see people’s thoughts, would love to hear some personal opinions.

After noticing a sharp decline in the prevalence of certain brands like CLYW and a lot of the older YYF and ILLY stuff it made me wonder how much can yoyos appreciate in value? As you know we are all collectors here and quickly pick up gems that drop on eBay and forums leading to less and less supply.

In 10 years will pay twice the amount for the old stuff possibly up to $400-$600?
Or do you think that the number of people who continuously leave the hobby or sell their long-forgotten collection will always maintain a baseline price not too far off from the original MSRP?

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I think a couple of things will cause the price of a yoyo to increase over time.

  1. Is the yoyo still mint
  2. Was it limited
  3. Was it a good yoyo at the time
  4. Is the company still around or do people mention the company often
  5. Hype

I think there’s more factors to consider… right now we are just coming off the tail end of a huge world wide event lasting over a year. I would also think inflation would affect pricing. Demand for older throws recently is also increasing…

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