Clyw Puffin (old)

Hi all, I want to know, is the market for old clyw yoyos high? For example the old puffin. Do you guys think that anyone would buy it? Thanks!


Yes, old CLYW won’t go out of style. My friend @OhDavidBowie would be able to give you a lot more info than me on the subject if he has time to chime in


I bought mine for about $135 a year ago and thought it was pretty fair. I think now with things slowing down, closer to $100 could be expected. Depends on condition and color of course. It really depends on the yoyo.


Is puffin poop rocks a colorway? If so, how much would you think it could sell for?


Do you have a picture?

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I don’t think that color is particularly sought after but if it’s in good condition I would say $115 or so

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Great! Thanks for the information

Oh, one more thing, do you know what the name of the colorway is?

No, I’m afraid I don’t. I know I’ve seen it and knew the name at one point but I don’t remember


You were correct originally, that’s Puffin Poop Rocks

kind of a gross colorway imo, anywhere in the range of 100-120 I think would be fair for it

Do you think the market for these would decrease or increase?

Honestly hard to say, I kinda want to say decrease. I feel like yoyo price spikes peaked in 2020-2021 with people having a ton of extra money to blow on hobby collecting. I don’t see the value really going up or down that much, but I don’t think there’s going to be any spike or anything. And there’s probably only going to be less demand as more time passes and there’s just fewer people around who are nostalgic for old CLYW/interested in old CLYW. It’d be different if this was like a Peak or something really collectible, but this is just a Puffin 1.

Basically what I’m saying is this isn’t an investment piece, no matter how long you hold onto it I don’t think you’d ever see any more than 120 dollars tops, and even then you might just not be able to sell it for that price.

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So do you think that I should try to sell it within this year for a chance of someone to actually buy it? Anyways, thanks for the info

It just depends on if you want to sell it or not. I’m just saying to not hold onto it banking for the price to spike, because it’s not anything super collectible. It’s cool and there’s people around who will buy old CLYW, but it’s not anything amazing or special.


Got it. Really appreciate the honesty and information :slightly_smiling_face: