CLYW Chief Space blizzard

Hey guys my friend has a CLYW chief (space blizzard) and he was selling it. I was wondering if it is a good yoyo and what you guys would value it at? (comes with box, original string, and not a single scratch or dent) please let me know :slight_smile: he says its a rare yoyo but i want someone else’s opinion :slight_smile:

Easily worth $130 imo.

whats imo? and really 130 dollars? he is selling it to me for 120 should i pay that or try and get it cheaper… also is it a “rare” yoyo?

Imo means in my opinion

It’s an amazing deal, I would take it… So you should too! :slight_smile:

it is an amazing deal? and wait you guys haven’t answered weather or not it is a “rare” yoyo?

also what is the most you would pay for it?

Offer $100 and see what he says, then maybe go up to $110. Even though it may be a rarer colorway, it’s still a chief, and you see cheifs pop up all the time on the Buy Sell Trade section for less than $130.

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so it being a rare color way but also a chief makes it less rare?

Its all about collectability.

Space Blizzard, rare or not isn’t really all that sought after compared to say 28 stories and even then, you have to have that specific buyer that will pay above the average price for that specific throw.

Furthermore Chiefs are probably the most common CLYW out there so getting one for $100 isn’t hard to do.

I see!!! ok gotcha :slight_smile: thank you!!
what about something like the advance scout? would that fall under collectable?

I would have to say that it could be in that they are a limited run that will never come out again but there are still plenty out there and they haven’t been around long enough to be considered a collectable anyway. But to really explain further -

Collectable(rare) vs valuable is a distinction that I think a lot of people try to use synonymous.

Someone will only ever be worth as much as someone will pay for it. Something could be a one off but if no one wants to pay how much you think its worth cause of its rarity, it simply isn’t worth that much.

This is all my opinion so please take it with a grain of salt as I’m sure others feel differently.

ok cool! thank you! no in terms of performance how good of a yoyo is the chief in general?

It’s probably the most popular CLYW which is why I believe it’s been in production the longest.

but does it play well?

Of course the Chief plays well. But as with most all things, it’s personal preference. :slight_smile: