3 Difs for $80 plus other deals

Moving more yoyos but still have some great stuff here. Shoot me a message and let’s make a deal.

Who’s looking for a new yoyo to use this week? Hit me up?

Let’s make a deal. If we can agree tonight I can ship tomorrow morning.

It’s Monday. Let’s make a deal.

Added prices to each yo yo. Check them out.

Looking to move some great stuff. Let’s work something out.

How bout that something premier??

Start that holiday weekend off by grabbing a great yoyo from my list. Hit me up and let’s make a deal.

Happy Saturday. Let’s make a deal.

Dropped prices. Let’s make a deal.

Making deals but looking for more homes for these yoyos. Who’s up for a deal?

Would love to move a few today. Really need to raise some funds. Who wants some great throws to add to their collection?

Still looking for more buyers/traders. Hit me up.

Ive got a mint Od/ILYY sakura that I hardley ever use, What do you have left?

Please update the list i dont know whats left

Let’s make a deal. For those inquiring, I remove yoyos from this list as they are committed so this is the current list as of this morning.

Let’s open up this week with a great deal. I’m open to some negotiation and combo deals. Hit me up.

Looking for buyers. Check out my stock and drop me a message.

Plenty of great stuff left. Let me know if you want to make a deal.

Avalanche and Premier gone. I still have some great stuff available. Drop me a message and let’s make a deal.