Yoyos for sale! (comes with free HI-CHEW for limited time only so buy now)


Hey guys just a update, no idea where my old post went, but here is my BST.

I have a wooden “Yo!-Yo!,” I have a orange and green throw, and I have a Duncan Imperial: $8 shipped for all of that.

I have Magic T5, really dinged up and it’s all messed up: you offer. (sell or trade)

And I have two Yomega Mavericks, one mint, and one with out a bearing, has 5 or 6 dings, nothing to bad. Mint: $15 shipped. Not Mint: $9 shipped. (I’ll buy a bearing for the none mint for $2 more, so $11 dollars shipped)

Lastly have a red Kandama: $12 or trade for another Kandama beside the Yomega Kandamas

You can offer on anything, and remember the worst I can say is no. :slight_smile:

Remember, for a limited time only anything ships with HI-CHEW Candy. :smiley:


Gotta have pics of your things man, mods will get you for it.

(system) #3