Yoyos for sale or trade One Drop C3 YYF Duncan MagicYo Yomega


Got some throws for sale or trade, would like to trade more than sell.

1st. Duncan Raptor with FHZ caps. Some dings but nothing that breaks ano.

2nd. YYF 2.0. Some damage but it’s no where near beat. Signed by Ann Connolly and someone else, forget who.

3rd. C3 Dark Star. First run, half blue half green. Pretty much mint, may have 1-2 scuffs that are wicked small.

4th. MagicYo N9, mint. 1 z stack has a crack but doesn’t go all the way through and still plays perfectly.

5th. Yomega Ooch, old style. Mint and set up unresponsive.

So that’s about it, I have a few code 2s that I won’t trade unless it’s for something good.

Solid blue
Pink w black & silver splash
Blue w white splash
Teh Kitteh with box and all extras
Nickel Plated

Also have a 28 stories Summit coming but won’t trade that.

PM me with offers, not looking for anything in particular.


I’m interested in the N9 PM me . Thanks


If he didnt already get it im also interested




Did you sell the Severe already?

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