Throws for sale or trade!!! C3, Duncan, MagicYo, Auldey and Yomega


I have a few yoyos I don’t use much and would like to trade. I’m not looking for anything in particular just looking to change things up a little.

1st. Yomega Ooch, old style but set up unresponsive. Brand new condition

2nd. Auldey Photon, very unique yoyo, side caps spin so you can hold it in your hand while the yoyo spins. Also accepts hub stacks and z stacks. Mint condition.

3rd. Duncan Raptor, has FHZ side caps, few dings but nothing worth talking about. Has a CT bearing and plays like a beast for a Duncan

4th. MagicYo N9, mint condition. 1 z stack is cracked alittle but still plays very well.

5th. C3 Darkstar, 1st run, mint. Just got this today (4/30) and I do really like it but I’m interested to see what offers I get.

So that’s about it. Like I said I’m not looking for any certain throws but if you have a Code 2 that would be awesome!!!


Thursday bump


How much for the n9?

(system) #4